5 cases of cadres and personnel files were false media reports zero tolerance 3u8895

5 cases of fraud reported personnel archives media: zero tolerance of new network – file fraud must be "zero tolerance" Mu Yun recently, the Central Organization Department informed the State Administration of production safety supervision and management of cadres and former director Yang Dongliang instigate or condone fraud case files and so on 5 cadres of personnel file fraud case, requiring all localities and departments the unit should learn a lesson, to strengthen the audit of cadre personnel archives management, resolutely curb records fraud unhealthy tendencies. In recent years, the personnel archives fraud have been repeatedly informed, but it is always difficult to eradicate, sick promoted the "age of beauty" and "fabrication of academic credentials and other phenomena have appeared. People without faith is not established, integrity is the basic criterion of life in the world should abide by. For leading cadres, cadres of personnel archives is the cadre personal learning work experience the most direct manifestation, is the organization in the inspection, appointment, promotion of cadres of the important document of matters, the impact of a long, absolutely can not tolerate the slightest smear and whitewash. Personnel files of fraud, not only is the challenge to human nature, it is the spirit of challenge is not only the loss of sight; small problem De personal dishonesty, more related to the party organization building long broad direction. Therefore, it must be corrected, the gas pressure must, on the cadre personnel file fraud must be zero tolerance". It is the current throughout the election period, we must adhere to the "zero tolerance" attitude, give prominence to the general cadre personnel archives examination, adhere to the general nominee personnel files where the trial will audit strictly, cadres and public information, to punish false records, and strive to create a delicate gas is in the general environment.相关的主题文章: