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5 Hanzhoung man investment overnight loss of more than 90 thousand body pouring petrol – Beijing before the self Immolation, Hanzhoung City Public Security Bureau of Hantai rapid response, together with the proper disposal of threatened self Immolation disturbing public order case, avoid the occurrence of malignant cases together. September 22nd 13 am, a man in the Hantai District of Liangzhou road and Xing Han Road near the cross of an investment company in spilled gasoline and threatened to burn. The area of Dongguan police station alarm quickly organized police rushed to the scene disposal, and immediately report to the bureau. Police immediately launched emergency response plans, director Wang Bin directed the deputy secretary in charge of public security Chen Hanping led the rapid mobilization of public security, patrol police, and multiple police station rushed to the scene, and 119, 120 arrived at the scene, ready to make emergency and rescue preparation. After verification, the self Immolation threatened Zhu man aged 51 years old, Hantai people. The Zhu in September 14th this year, the Hantai investment company in Shanghai Shentong investment platform to invest 400 thousand yuan, the net loss of 96000 yuan. Zhu repeatedly asked the company to refund their losses, failed. In September 22nd 11, Zhu once again came to the company to refund the loss, after fruitless negotiations will be prepared to pour petrol in the company body hall, office desktop and I, and the staff will drive away from the office door locked, no refund of threats such as loss will set themselves on fire. The on-site disposal of the police in persuasion actively at the same time, his wife and the village cadres to inform, to assist the police to do the work of persuasion. In the legal and human double offensive, Zhu gave up extreme ideas, at 15:45 to go out with the police investigation. After the examination, Zhu confessed their misdeeds, and explain the source of gasoline. According to the provisions of article third of the People’s Republic of China Public Security Administration Punishment Law, the Hantai branch of the threat of the implementation of arson and disturb the public order of the order of the administrative detention of for ten days. Hantai police remind: extreme behavior is not desirable, once the consequences, the biggest injury will be their own and loved ones, and even hurt innocent. Even if there is no serious consequences, the perpetrator will be punished by law. In addition, the world did not lose business, any investment risk, to be cautious! (reporter correspondent Li Qingya, Lu Senlin, Zhang Song)相关的主题文章: