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Placenta of pregnant mother all have big adventure – Sohu maternal pregnant mother will experience all the great adventure adventure of placenta attribute describes the placenta and fetus are evolved from the same fertilized egg to the placenta is extraembryonic structure. When the embryo develops to 13-21 day, the main structure of placenta, villi, is gradually formed. Around the first week after fertilization, when the blood vessels are formed in the villi, the placental circulation is established. Placenta along with the baby with a long, but also to provide the baby’s growth needs of nutrients, placental maturity directly affect the baby’s nutritional supply. Placental maturity level introduces the increase in the cycle of pregnancy, maternal placenta will appear from the new to the old changes, called maturity, is divided into four levels, namely: level 0, level 1, level 3 and level. In October, the bacteria told the mother, usually seen in the B ultrasound on the placenta grading refers to the maturity of the placenta. To about 10 weeks of pregnancy, focusing on the location of the placenta, in ultrasonic scanning, it is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of placenta accreta or perforation. If the pregnancy diagnosed placenta previa, then the need for cesarean delivery. Pregnant mother’s October pregnant mother Raiders bacteria clearance Raiders careful low implantation of placenta in early pregnancy, usually found in the placenta lower, the doctor will not do for special treatment, as long as the pregnant mother to observe, to prohibit sex life, avoid fatigue etc.. In October, this is the early stage of placental maturation, but also for the transmission of fetal nutrition. To the late stage of pregnancy, the function of the placenta is gradually decreased with the maturation of the fetus. In October, after 20 weeks of gestation, the degree of placental maturity gradually reached the level, which marks the maturity of the placenta. After 36 weeks of gestation, the degree of placental maturity was almost complete, indicating a reduction in placental function. October introduction of the 38 week of the placenta into the placenta, the placenta has matured and began to age. If 37 weeks ago to find placental level 3, and add the value of fetal biparietal diameter and weight of the baby, you need to consider the early placenta, should be alert to the occurrence of fetal growth retardation in children. October introduction of bacteria 1: what is the placenta aging placenta aging means that the function of the placenta began to decline, if the fetus is mature, to early delivery. Placenta aging will make the baby’s nutrition and oxygen supply will not affect the development of the fetus, easily lead to mental retardation, but also may cause fetal hypoxia, and may even die in the womb. October from Raiders 2: how to determine the aging of placenta placenta maturity at the tick is over a month of pregnancy. When the pregnant mother may have pregnancy complications, such as hypertension, diabetes, nephropathy and other pregnancy, all these will lead to placental blood supply decrease, accelerated aging of placenta. Tick by ultrasound, blood test to judge the placenta maturity. When the placenta maturing early is not good, mature late is not good, pregnant mother to go to the hospital to check, timely treatment, so as to let the baby born healthy and safe. > > > > October bacteria Raiders 1: the more mature placenta better? Placenta does not!相关的主题文章: