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TA is no longer blue thin electric high popularity of tablet computer must have eleven small holiday golden week just past, believe that for many of my friends have said "no (Yi) method (you) with (Wei) (Jin) by the" good "blue thin" good "letinous edodes". However, if there is a wonderful entertainment tool, I believe you will be full of blood is no longer the resurrection of blue thin it! Today we recommend that the electricity supplier is more popular renqipingban computer, whether it is on the road or at home, a thin machine in hand, you have a holiday! The value is not thin blue Yan: Apple iPad  Air  2 had become arcade apple iPad  Air  2 are beautiful, light and convenient, many advantages, is a good choice for your street chase drama; the machine is equipped with A8X chip, the graphics processing performance to the generation of 2.5  times, excellent performance, richer colors, better image contrast, more vivid and clear; editorial comment: Apple iPad  2; Air  image processing performance is outstanding, whether it is video editing, modeling, design or the use of App, and even play games, can achieve vivid, visual performance is even more sensitive in response to the theater the winter chase drama you deserve; apple iPad  Air  iPad  2 apple   Air  2 (16GB Cellular) operating system iOS  8 processor; Models of the apple   A8X three core processor core system memory storage capacity of 2GB 16GB does not support memory expansion capacity expansion screen size 9.7 inch screen resolution 2048×1536 screen pixel density 264PPI description screen capacitive touch screen, multi touch screen touch screen pointing device screen features IPS screen, anti fingerprint coating, retina screen, full lamination display, anti reflective coating language support multi language support function of WiFi 802.11a b g n support AC wireless protocol, dual frequency (2.4GHz and 5GHz) network model 3G (WCDMA), China Unicom Telecom 3G (CDMA2000), mobile 3G (TD-SCDMA), China Unicom 2G mobile 2G (GSM), LTE, HSPA HSPA+, DC HSDPA Bluetooth? Support Bluetooth 4 module, audio technology built-in speaker microphone built-in dual microphone video playback support 2060P video playback Camera: Dual Camera (front: rear 1 million 200 thousand pixels: 8 million pixels) camera: front aperture F2.2 back illuminated sensor automatic HDR photos and video optimization of face recognition function continuous snapshot mode exposure control timing mode: iSight, rear camera automatic focusing F2.4 aperture element相关的主题文章: