The fof raised concerns big companies fear only soup small companies eager for a fight 霍金hawking

The FOF raised concerns: big companies small companies fear Sina eager for a fight only soup fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The public offering of FOF finishing worries FOF guidelines draft issued has been more than two months, the major fund companies are also eager for a fight layout’s first public offering of FOF, the Beijing Daily reporter found that the public has said preparations for FOF fund products, the majority chose to do in FOF, but the fund’s choice has also been questioned by some market participants believe that, FOF development prospects of poor internal. However, for the lack of full market fund research personnel, to make adjustment difficulties in interbank fund companies, the external FOF is not easy, but awareness is not high, the lack of research of the investment company is small but soup in the public offering is expected to speed up the FOF guidelines landing on the occasion, the above problem still exists to be solved. Fund companies rushed to rush to raise the market long-awaited public offering FOF guidelines landing is expected to accelerate the day before, practitioners have revealed that the FOF guidelines or will be within two weeks of the introduction, the public offering business has entered the countdown stage gate FOF. Beijing Daily reporter learned that the current market has over 20 fund companies have said the reporter found in the preparations for the first product in the process of wildly beating gongs and drums, and positioning for FOF products and the types of research, fund companies prefer to do internal FOF. In the investment research team, many fund companies have come up with the ace team manager. It is reported that GF fund FOF investment research team leader Wang song, has 18 years of experience in the securities industry. JP Morgan fund companies can now confirm the team leader, is held by a veteran with 22 years of experience, the FOF team is to be set up in the company on the basis of the original investment portfolio management. The Great Wall Jingshun FOF team leader, served by a veteran with six years of experience in overseas FOF, investment research team is mainly composed of accounts, quantification and Hongkong team. Fortis fund is appointing quantitative investment department director Du Xiaohai served as team leader, and the team is set up based on Multi Strategy Investment department. Wells fund team is responsible for human strategy and product fund research director Chen Shuliang, and based on investment research team to build FOF team. It is worth mentioning that, in terms of product design, internal FOF because of its simple operation, easy to control, easy to investigate and other factors affected by the preferences of a number of fund companies. The Morgan said in product positioning more inclined to internal fund portfolio based scheme. Boshijijin also said that the future will be the main investment within the Multi Strategy funds, supplemented by the internal fund evaluation system selected high quality external debt fund shares. Boshijijin and Morgan and hold the same attitude of Yinhua Fund, Celestica fund and fund etc.. In fact, the so-called internal FOF is the fund company’s own products as the subject of the issue of FOF. External FOF, as its name implies, is based on other fund products as the basis of the issue of FOF相关的主题文章: