Suspected millet 5S configuration details leaked equipped with 821 Xiaolong 女f4

Suspected millet 5S configuration details leaked from the upgrade and is equipped with 821 Xiaolong positioning of the red rice Pro is not difficult to see, millet has been determined to enter the high-end smartphone market. If no accident, millet will be launched in the near future flagship flagship flagship high-end market, but the first appearance of millet 5S or millet Note 2 can not be determined. However, through the micro-blog users broke the news, millet 5S in the near future is unlikely to release. Millet 5S configuration now, there are users on micro-blog released detailed configuration information millet 5S. Allegedly, millet 5S will be equipped with 821 Xiaolong processor with 5.15 inch screen, built-in 6GB RAM+256GB ROM storage combination, equipped with a 16 million pixel camera with F aperture 1.8, support the color temperature of the flash, four axis optical image stabilization and phase focusing PDAF. In addition, millet 5S also supports 3D Touch functionality, providing USB Type-C interface, equipped with 3490mAh capacity battery. Millet 5S configuration overall, millet 5S configuration is quite tough enough, with flagship high-end market competition. But the only regret is that it is unclear millet 5S release time. Earlier rumors that millet Note 2 will be in the moon phase of the 9, I do not know whether millet 5S will debut in September?相关的主题文章: