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The child stealing money, mother to do more effective than scolding mother Sohu many kids had secretly took money from home, even the most obedient child could do such a thing. Behind the child’s behavior, the lack of the concept of ownership. When mom and dad found the child stealing money how to deal with, this article may give you some inspiration. This morning, the new mother found his pocket 100 dollars less, it was last night from ATM out of 1000 yuan money. The new mother counted, or 100 less. The new dad also said: "it is strange, how can this be gone? The last time I lost 50 dollars, I thought you took it." At this time the new mom some doubts: what new stole the money? The old saying said, stealing hours up to steal gold needle. Well, if it is a child stealing money, how to do? The new mom decided the new school to observe him. And in the evening, the new mother will see new, with a few students to the convenience store. The new mother in the glass door look, the child was in "generous" to treat, at the checkout took out 100 dollars and a striking hundred dollar bills — it is indeed lost myself in the morning. Wait until the buddies left, the new mom went up, smiled and said: "the new, go, mom take you to the convenience store to buy snacks." The new eyes twinkle, nervously looked at the mother, that mother found himself stealing money, ready to "pack" him! Did not expect the new mother holding a child’s hand, pick up at the convenience store: "cotton candy? Raisins seem to be good, but also for you to buy chocolate bar." So the new arms are holding full of snacks, the new mother knelt down and asked: "today the new mother found his pocket 100 dollars less, is not a baby. You take it?" The new feel shy to say: "is me, mom, I’m sorry." The new mom felt the child’s head and said: "if your mother’s little pocket money, just like my mother said. Don’t your mom and dad from the pocket, okay?" "Good!" From that day, the new mother gave the child up pocket money, and the new child never secretly took the money. Sometimes Dad accidentally put the money on the table, the new will close to help dad into the room, also asked the father take care of money. It is because of this reason mother a small move, can easily change the child "the love of money". The new mom even said: children may not have "stealing" concept. Their inner needs are affected by the outside, will always find ways to get what they like, but do not understand this is the adult understanding of the thief". Parents and indiscriminately scolded the child’s behavior is wrong, should pay attention to children in the end what is the reason to take the money. Their hearts are not as bad as adults think, do not easily push the child to a negative evaluation. When the children secretly take the family money, mom and dad can do: keep calm, children understand the idea behind some parents said their children see "stealing" after the gas to the child beat up a meal, to children相关的主题文章: