A real rocker You know and don’t know the 10 Wang Feng (video) 爱多vcd

A real Rocker? You know and do not know the 10 Wang Feng [Abstract] for a singer to sing, in order to get the respect of the market, want to create and sing without being starved to death, in fact, is to rely on the work itself to speak. Wang Feng "rivers" of the official MV Tencent (the people planning entertainment Zhuangao Zac) Lederhosen, headlines, godfather, rock, mentor, Zhang Ziyi…… When talking about Wang Feng, these keywords almost all around him. Among these, there are also displayed entertainment facts, banter and irony harbour evil designs, but even missed the so-called a headline, the name Wang Feng was still standing in the music headlines. Why not do what can explain, because for the type of music for a song, want to get the respect of the market, want to through the creation and performance of don’t starve to death, is actually on the works speak for itself. But for Wang Feng, to really understand him, should not only through the lens of the entertainment broke the news, malicious or text to convey, the best way is his work, those you know or not, but also excellent works…… "Good night Beijing" – 1997 "good night Beijing" can be said to be the representative work of Wang Feng in the early days, so the expression mode of music, even in the future for a long time, has become a fulcrum of the creation of Wang Feng. This song is the biggest feature is the poetic "flooding", and flooding here is not a derogatory term, because as Wang Feng sings in the song, when he is in a "madness". This song also appeared in a number of traditional creation rarely show words and images, such as "domestic roller voice" and "the boiling broth", "broken tire", "double sob" and so on, let the song in front of Yizhenyihuan mood, have a unique impact. Especially the musical arrangements of cadence, staggered lyrical and violent, more extremely enhance the expressive force of the music, Wang Feng is writing history, even Chinese rock history masterpiece. "Li Jianguo" – 1997 or in the "Home Street No. 43," the band’s first album, Wang Feng also wrote the "Li Jianguo" such a work. This piece is called the Chinese pop music history, depicts the character of one of the most successful works, but compared with Jonathan Lee’s "I am a bird" or "mortal song", "Li Jianguo" as specific to such a person, so let people have a stronger sense of substitution. "He love watch the seven o’clock news network, he love to listen to Teresa Teng’s pop song," such a common "Li Jianguo", in Wang Feng’s view of creation, but is endowed with extraordinary in the ordinary, a sharp, is only a poetic music in order to do. "Should I be real life or fantasy" – 1998 in Wang Feng’s musical career, fantasy, confusion should be the most used words. But this kind of uncertainty, is not only a kind of charm of music creation, but also the creator’s constant power in music. The musician is not a thinker, educator, scientist and theorist.相关的主题文章: