Xiaobian personal experience to tell you the phone detects the state of the body depends on the fly 索尼a350

Experience Xiaobian tell you physically cannot rely on reliable detection of mobile phone? With the development of intelligent mobile phone, it is more and more powerful, have to admit that the mobile phone has the basic necessities of life and other aspects profoundly affects us, in addition to penetrate into education, marriage, child health and other areas. Modern people attach great importance to personal health problems, in the morning or evening in the park, we can often see a lot of hands tied iPhone in running, of course we saw more is the circle of friends from various other sports App share running route map and WeChat steps. At present, contact us for more healthy application of built-in mobile phone manufacturers, such as iPhone in the "healthy" application, Samsung mobile phone in the "S health" and so on, there are some love sports buddy may contact, Wyatt laps music power and Nike+ movement monitoring software. This time I will talk to you, using a mobile phone to detect our health in the end by not fly? This type of App mobile phone through the built-in three axis gyroscope and electronic compass, three axis acceleration and GPS precision instrument to detect the number of steps you walk every day, you can also calculate the total mileage, how many calories consumed calorie and show you the path. Some of the main movement of the mobile phone, the flagship Samsung ZUK and Z2 Pro have more precise sensors such as oxygen, such as heart rate sensor and ultraviolet sensor, equipped with the sensor chip mobile phone can also provide the heart rate and blood oxygen, ultraviolet intensity detection. Of course, this type of feature phones will come with the application. Talk about cell phone detection of physical condition is not reliable, more should go back to their test is not allowed to ask questions. How do these steps apply to get our motion data? Here is a simple science. The mobile phone has a module called G-sensor (gravity sensor Gravity-sensor), this is the key step of the G-sensor, through the collection of equipment by the acceleration, the acceleration curve drawn through the curve analysis, software processing, calculate your walk, or run, or ride the state of motion. A variety of methods, some software will be combined with GPS to calculate. Different software algorithms are different, resulting in different data. The use of millet Bracelet 2 iPhone own health applications, dynamic music and Samsung’s own S health to do a test, found that the four is accurate there is a certain distance, the iPhone in the actual step in relatively close to the actual number of steps, but in the four is shown in the shake up to the number of steps, maybe M9 the reaction of iPhone SE co processor is sensitive. The remaining three S5 accuracy is the worst, millet bracelet of the 2 times, and then to the power of music. But S5 and accurately calculate power in shake shake shake the number, because the author is left to bottom right, so the two algorithms should depend more on the gravity sensor. Therefore, the author concludes that the mobile phone can only be used as a reference, not completely accurate.相关的主题文章: