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"-" truth open Gong Beibi hijacked Kim Hee Sun save William Feng ` _38 > > > click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news by William Feng, Yao off the product, Victoria Song, Ma Tianyu, Zhang Meng, Hu Bing, Gong Beibi, et al. Co starred in the TV series "-" is Hunan TV hit, and staged a thrilling story in the story yesterday, child heart upgrade, let the audience also tense, waiting for the further development of the plot. "Ice" after the tragic experiences of Gong Beibi, so many viewers are straight into the heart, love "ice" at the same time, Gong Beibi has been a delicate and exquisite acting impressed. The play, Kim Hee Sun played the "Lianji" to take Ma Tianyu as the "Sakura empty release" escape, was rushed to the ice family surrounded intercept, Gong Beibi as the "ice" and so that the five children the truth of death, and after the battle, William Feng as the "Castle" was Sakura empty release with life threatening phase, to save the mother, see after the ice time acts also to save his son Lianji hijacking. Gong Beibi powerful explosive acting so that the audience is also suffering from the tragedy of the ice after a lot of sympathy, many netizens have said: ‘after the ice’ poor, I cried." "Gong Beibi played too much, the acting was awesome!" TV drama "city of fantasy" has entered the climax of the story, Gong Beibi as the "ice" is William Feng’s Guardian live CaSO, "ice" ending and how, please watch the TV drama "city of fantasy". It is reported that Gong Beibi’s new works "," choose day record "Westward Journey" and "Er", is expected to meet with the audience next year, we will concern.相关的主题文章: