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Zhaotong: Zhenxiong to carry out "cadre theme activities – Yunnan channel — people.com.cn in Zhenxiong County of poverty alleviation in two to learn a" learning education as a carrier to carry out "cadre theme practice comprehensively, help people out of poverty. Zhenxiong County comprehensive organization to carry out the "six" series of activities carried out by a study, a discussion, tell a good dangke, do a self-examination, the implementation of a number of services, to convene a meeting of democratic life, to further strengthen the Party cadres ideals and beliefs, strengthen grassroots cadres and workers "earthy, hard sweat, take the lead in the heart of the masses of human touch, prompting you to master the method of" top design, planning, integration of resources, scientific execution "," burst responsible, responsible and responsible, good at really responsible for the work of passion. The county focus on remediation, leading cadres not thinking about work, not to play, do not want to be responsible, not as slow as "problems, through strict examination, praise advanced spur backward. At the same time, carry out the "two to two" (than progress, than breakthrough, watch features, watch highlights) activities, create a competition atmosphere, the incentive to become "leading cadres four cadres. At the same time, Zhenxiong county to create a bold and make the training and selection of cadres selection and use of the "four" leading cadres use mechanism, strict management, leading cadres training and selection of 3 mark, the implementation of township cadres to important county departments and county departments to the township cadres attachment to the key positions of attachment "two-way attachment" system. The "four" as an important criterion for investigation and evaluation of cadres, cadres, strict inspection, appointment of motion program, put the "four", together with the elected cadres. The catalytic role in striving for "four" cadres under the theme of practical activities, the county cadres and workers around the goal to carry out poverty alleviation work, obvious effect. Statistics show that in the county to promote the implementation of the housing construction, infrastructure improvement, industry training, livelihood security, ecological construction in poverty out of poverty villages in 5 key construction projects, to resettle the 4828 housing construction started, the completion of the main 2013 households, 27 households moved into new homes; the implementation of 12907 level D the renovation of dilapidated buildings, has completed 7368; start the old revolutionary base of poor households housing projects 1456 households, the implementation of the 102 thousand and 627 people drinking water to strengthen the promotion of skills training project; 36614; county finance invested 1 million yuan, the integration of social poverty alleviation funds 1 million 600 thousand yuan to set up a special student aid fund, solve the problem of the school children of poor families; to start the implementation of the 104 thousand acres of farmland to forest engineering, focus on the development of economic forest. (reporter Cheng Zhongxu Cheng Hong Cai Houyou) (Xu Qian, Sheng Yu wood: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: