95 after the aesthetic report released after 95 Heilongjiang boys love face 乃々果花

95 after the aesthetic report released after 95 Heilongjiang boys love life newspaper news November 9th face face beauty, Chinese characters face handsome male, has been Chinese traditional aesthetics in the most beautiful face, but that in the 95 eyes has been completely subvert! Recently, QQ big data released after "95 aesthetic report" showed that 95 is not our imagination in the "non mainstream", they do not love red net, have their own aesthetic standards, for boys interested in social makeup, personalized, report data reduction of young people in the era of the real preferences. Among them, our province’s 95 most love, no bangs hair boy face, most love long straight hair, square face. I proud of what type of 95 after the birth of a template than the red, after 95 more in love with self characteristics of the sun boy and girl next door image. The report shows: 95 in the province after the oval face, no bangs hair love boys love girls with long straight hair, square face. 95 boys also love to wear pink underwear from the report, more than 20% of the cost of more than $30% will be used for dressing up after more than $95. From the clothing style and the choice of colors, 95 love full of character printing, also love cool black, shockingly, the proportion of boys actually buy a pink underwear next to black. However, in the 95 remarkable power consumption, and not very strong confidence in their own aesthetic view. According to the "95 aesthetic report" showed that over 50% of 95 that have troubled himself in the aesthetic dress, do not know how to improve the aesthetic taste.相关的主题文章: