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Outside the Commission requires a high level of products from pure debt to partial debt Sina fund exposure platform: the letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Securities Times reporter Fang Li nearly two years, the bank has become a major fund companies outside the major fund companies to do large-scale weapons, fierce market competition. In the market risk-free interest rates continued downward process, the original outsourcing to pure debt category products as the main, and the current partial debt class flexible configuration products gradually increased. At present, relying solely on the bond market to obtain higher yields more and more difficult, resulting in a growing number of outsourcing products gradually evolved into investment stocks, convertible bonds and other bonds enhanced products." According to the director of Shenzhen based investment fund company said that the outsourcing capital requirements on product yield, so at present this kind of flexible configuration of products gradually increase the momentum is very obvious, the company is also active in the design and layout of this kind of product. Another fund sources also said that the general banking outsourcing funds for yield requirements in more than 4%, but simply rely on bond investment is difficult to achieve, and even do this rate of return, the product capacity is relatively small. At present, the more popular is the bond + hit the new strategy, after raising the threshold of the bottom of the warehouse has a higher income. According to him, this kind of product release scale is growing very fast, and one is in the allocation of bonds at the same time, the configuration of convertible bonds, given by other parts, some of these products have taken guarantee strategy operation, the expected rate of return is almost to outsourcing agencies expected, the recent number of this class the increase in product. According to the Securities Times reporter, at the beginning of the mainstream revenue outsourcing funds rate in 4.5%~5%, but with the bond market yields down, institutions involved in outsourcing capital bidding, the yields are in decline. In fact, we are also in the process of continuous innovation product model, the basic model to take solid income in operation." According to the fund company said, these two funds or outsourcing will increase rapidly, especially after the new regulations of financial control, finance capital investment in non-standard proportion and deleveraging, very large to the demand for the product category of fixed income ", the company will focus on the development of this business. However, there are fund sources, the majority of bank funds are outsourcing performance evaluation, if the income or loss is not up to not charge management fees, so most fund companies more cautious, do not dare to report too high rate of return. This type of solid products or the final performance of the market opportunity, so we use this product to participate in the tender, but also pay attention to the risk, as far as possible not to participate in the ‘gambling’ terms of business." According to the above person said. The source also said that some of the overall size of the larger or larger fund companies on the risk, the cost is not high enough to participate in the business, but the small companies are more active. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: