World Cup qualifiers Belgium on the top of the H Group-霍金hawking

The World Cup qualifier against Belgium on the new network top group H – Yangcheng Evening News reporter Liu Yi reported this morning: the World Cup European zone qualifying group H this morning staged the top two teams in the first round of war, pedestria victory, 4 to 0 victory over the Belgian home court of Bosnia and herzegovina. Belgium and Greece with two wins out of two with 6 points, Belgium on goal difference advantage of on top of group H, with 3 points for Bosnia and Estonia in third and fourth. Belgium is the star studded, the campaign by the captain, Zal led the attack line, with Lukaku, Mertens and Callas. Bosnia and Herzegovina star players, P Janic and Dzeko also many, ibisevic are famous for many years. Belgium took the lead on twenty-sixth minutes, Callas Koren several people crosscut the ball from the right wave caused by Mounier Hayes Pasic own goal. Taking advantage of Belgium play blitz, Mertens in 3 minutes after sending Zal a clever pass, go past Chelsea teammate Begovic after the small angle into an empty net. Belgium in sixtieth minutes to seal the victory, Mertens’s corner placement is good, Tottenham defender Alderweireld in the small edge of the area near the corner qiaoshe heel into the goal. Sixty-seventh minutes, Zal in the back of the pass, Callas, single opportunity but selfless cross, Lukaku in a small edge of the area to push Kongmen wide, some fans booed home court. Seventy-ninth minutes, Zal sent assists, and finally seize the opportunity for the Belgian scored the fourth goal of Lukaku. In front of Alderweireld, and Courtois vertonghen led the defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina stars did not have good shot, two consecutive World Cup without conceding a goal in belgium. In the Champions League and the Premier League, the Belgian star Mertens, Callas, Zal, and Lukaku, a leading position among the turk. Although Manchester City Star Debra internal injury, but the Belgian star striker is still too much, Ba Tshuva I, Chudley and origgi this morning the whole don’t get a chance to play a little, Zal did not enter the game list. When the game lost suspense, two star attack this Turk and substitute for Mira Las were Lukaku and Zal.相关的主题文章: