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Always think of their eyes, three ways to save your little double single eyelid MM how super natural doubleeyelid? Look at the single fold eyelid turned cheating skills! For the novice MM, to do in their own eyes, a difficulty is to find the first position, this step well, behind the simple! Find the location of the eye look down, I have my own fold, with double fold eyelid than a point when guarantee up to the double fold eyelid folds are not exposed, obviously, so I will choose the paste in the fold line. Or you want to close your eyes, according to the width of the first hand look up, look at the effect of position adjustment. It is a novice to try several times to find the most suitable for their own position! The following three ways to introduce time and again come out. Methods a | double fold eyelid has the advantages of convenient; disadvantage is obvious for double eyes; and is not suitable for single eyelids. According to the usual position, two down, to put a little better, and then follow the eyes with radian. I was attached to the eyelid folds. If your eyes are very thick, the upper eyelid paste can hold up the general case, you can try the horns upward, like a smile like paste.

总嫌自己眼睛小,三个方法拯救你的小内双  单眼皮MM怎样变身超级自然的双眼皮?  来看看单眼皮变身双眼皮的作弊技巧吧!  对于新手MM来说,要在自己眼皮上捣腾,最先遇到的一个难关就是找位置,这步做好了,后面的就简单啦!  找位置  眼睛往下看,我有自己的褶皱,拿双眼皮贴比一个点,保证撑起来的时候双眼皮贴不会露出,褶皱明显,所以我会选择贴在褶皱线上。  或者闭上眼睛,根据自己想要的宽度,先用手撑一下,看看效果调整位置。新手难免是要多试几次才能找到最适合自己的位置哒!  下面来介绍千呼万唤始出来的三种方法。  方法一 | 双眼皮贴优点是方便快捷;  缺点是闭眼比较明显;  适合内双,不适合单眼皮。  根据之前定好的位置,两角朝下,先贴好一点,再顺着眼睛弧度贴好。我是贴在眼皮褶皱处。  如果你的眼皮很厚,一般的上眼皮贴都不能撑起来的话,可以试试两角朝上,像微笑形状一样贴。相关的主题文章: