Zhengzhou 9 old man riding bicycle China inserted Russian flag (video)-jcuv是什么车

Zhengzhou 9 elderly Russian riding bicycles on the Chinese flag, this newspaper yesterday, Zhengzhou old Riding Association President Wang Yanxiao called the newspaper said: "they are a total of 9 Zhengzhou elderly riding friends, use 25 days riding tour Russia, along the way with Russian friends established friendship.". The activity cost by AA, in September 25th they successfully returned to zheng. Xu Fuying, a media journalist of Zheng newspaper, visited Moscow, St Petersburg to visit Moscow Kremlin and one hundred years Arsenal. In September 1st, Wang Yanxiao and his party were 9 people. They rode to Xinzheng airport from the Eighth Street of Jing Kai District, and the plane arrived in Moscow by Guangzhou. They traveled 12 days in Moscow, went to Red Square, Moscow Kremlin, and visited the space monument. Riding 10 days in St Petersburg, visiting an arsenal with a history of more than 100 years, visiting the mine and submarine models made in different periods. During the tour of Russia, each of us had a Chinese flag on our bicycle. After many Russian friends saw us, they extended their thumbs to us and shouted "CHINA". They said to us in Chinese: "Hello!" And Russian friends ask us for Chinese flags on bicycles." In the process of riding, they saw the triangle a folding bike and a very ingenious and elegant type of clock, the store clerk said seriously, this is China manufacturing products. Someone bought a Russian style leather garment and looked carefully. Its brand was Chinese phonetic alphabet. Stay at home hotel cooking, daily per capita meals 20 yuan, they choose to stay at a family hotel or Youthotel, accommodation price per person per night RMB 40 yuan to 70 yuan. The hotel is equipped with the kitchen to cook yourself, every meal costs about 20 yuan per capita. The travel cost per capita is only 7000 yuan, of which 3710 yuan per person round-trip ticket. In September 24th, they rode more than 20 kilometers from the hotel to St Petersburg airport. It took off at 20:30 on the same day and arrived in Urumqi 5.5 hours later. 25, Urumqi transit, arrived in Xinzheng airport that afternoon. According to reports, Zhengzhou elderly Riding Association is the retired elderly as the main mass organizations, the average age of 60 years old. Over the years, members of the north to Mohe County, South Hainan, West to Lhasa, east to Bohai, but also repeatedly cross the door, riding Europe 12 countries. In addition, in September 26th, the Zhengzhou elderly Riding Association was selected as the candidate of the third charity list of Zhengzhou charity volunteer awards. Video: 7 year old go alone riding a motorcycle around the border today: a Heatmap octogenarian his son lived in a cave house two-story today hot smell: Zhengzhou 4 towards National Park renovation do not want to travel far to walk, Luohe home day money by washing the anti-theft door intact Zhengzhou. A nearly seven years old when the matchmaker successfully introduced more than 3000 30 years the couple Nanyang 95 after 3 days and then robbed guy prison jail Zhengzhou 9 had 5 old man riding bicycle China inserted Russian flag

郑州9位老人俄罗斯骑游 自行车上插中国国旗本报讯 昨日,郑州老年骑协会长王炎孝致电本报称:他们一共9位郑州老年骑友,利用25天时间骑游俄罗斯,一路上与俄罗斯朋友建立了友谊。活动费用采用AA制,9月25日他们顺利返郑。郑报融媒记者 徐富盈 文 受访者 图骑游莫斯科、圣彼得堡 参观克里姆林宫、百年兵工厂9月1日,王炎孝一行9人,从经开区第八大街骑车赶往新郑机场,飞机经广州再抵达莫斯科。他们在莫斯科骑游12天,去了红场、克里姆林宫,参观了航天纪念碑。在圣彼得堡骑游10天,到访一家有100多年历史的兵工厂,参观各个时期制造的水雷和潜艇模型。“在俄罗斯旅游期间,我们每个人自行车上插有一面中国国旗。许多俄罗斯朋友看到后,向我们伸出拇指,喊‘CHINA’,用汉语对我们说:‘你好!’还有俄罗斯朋友向我们索要自行车上插的中国国旗。”骑游过程中,他们看中一辆奇巧无比的三角形折叠自行车和一个造型优美的俄式座钟,商店服务员认真地介绍说,这是中国制造的产品。有人买了一件俄罗斯风格皮衣,仔细一看,它的品牌竟是汉语拼音。住家庭旅馆自己做饭 每天人均餐费20元他们选择住家庭旅馆或青年旅馆,住宿价格每人每晚人民币40元至70元。利用旅馆配备的厨房自己动手做饭,每天饭费人均20元左右。整个行程人均花费仅7000余元,其中每人的往返机票3710元。9月24日他们从旅馆骑行20多公里,前往圣彼得堡机场。当日20点30分起飞,飞行5个半小时抵达乌鲁木齐。25日在乌鲁木齐转机,当天下午到达新郑机场。据介绍,郑州老年骑协是以退休老人为主体的群众组织,平均年龄60岁。多年来,成员北上漠河,南下海南,西到拉萨,东到渤海,还多次跨出国门,骑游欧洲12国。此外,9月26日,郑州老年骑协入选郑州市第三届慈善风云榜慈善志愿奉献奖候选人。相关视频: 7旬老人说走就走 独自骑摩托逛国境线 今日热图:巩义一耄耋老人住窑洞 其儿子家里起两层小楼今日热闻:郑州四家公园改造迎国庆 不想出远门去遛遛吧漯河市民家中钱物大白天被洗劫 防盗门完好无损郑州一近七旬老太当红娘三十年 成功介绍三千多对新人南阳95后小伙出狱三天再抢劫 曾5次入狱郑州9位老人俄罗斯骑游 自行车上插中国国旗相关的主题文章: