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A broker "last year twenty thousand now four thousand 90: the difficulties of life to go" last year twenty thousand year four thousand "25 brokerages get the first half of the 25 listed firms pay cut, part of a decline of over 50%; securities broker said that nearly half of the assessment pressure" because they are not good at marketing, and living difficulties, so reluctantly chose to leave the team." This is 90 Merchants Securities Broker Dong Yun (a pseudonym) to the Department in charge of WeChat. Put down the phone, Dong Yun told the Beijing News reporter, the 15 team, there are three young people with the same idea. A shares on the market in the first half of the downturn, "fed" securities companies have not fared well. Decline in brokerage business, bringing a decline in wages. Shenwan Hong wage expenditure by commission income directly linked with the stock market turnover, while the first half of the stock market turnover has been hovering in the low. Data show that the Shanghai Composite Index, Shenzhen stock index fell more than the first half of 17%, two city turnover also shrunk dramatically. According to Wind data show that the overall listing of securities brokerage business fell significantly, the CITIC Securities brokerage revenues 5 billion 970 million yuan, down 46.7%; Huatai Securities brokerage revenues 5 billion 275 million yuan, down 49% over the same period last year. While the industry average net rate of commission also fell below 20.60%, five to 0.427?. Brokerage business decline, making the broker’s wages and salaries decreased significantly. Beijing News reporter according to Wind statistics, compared with the same period last year, 25 listed brokerage payroll expenses decreased in wage expenditure in the top five, CITIC Securities salary expenses decreased by 2 billion 477 million yuan, down 31%, Guotai Junan wage spending dropped 1 billion 821 million yuan, down 32.3%; Haitong Securities expenditure decreased less that is only 820 million yuan, down 21.6%, while GF Securities and Shenwan Hong wage expenditure decreased significantly, respectively 48.6% and 52.1% decline, amounting to 3 billion 51 million yuan and 2 billion 591 million yuan. A brokerage analyst told reporters that the characteristics of the brokerage industry is three years is not open, open to eat for three years, the industry income fluctuation is relatively large, is not only the business sector, the brokerage Institute also because of talent saturation, change or industry and get the phenomenon. "For the iron and steel industry in Southern China area of a large brokerage before, because the steel industry overcapacity, the plate does not improve, so the work has five annual income in 200 thousand yuan, while the hot industry researcher, double the income of a few." The analyst revealed. Huatai disguised layoffs, deduction of income was traced to earlier, media reports said the Company Founder Securities staff issued "on the start of organizational efficiency project notice" on social networking sites, the core meaning is "this year or 20% layoffs, or get 20%, under the command of the group." But the Founder Securities then respond to the matter said: "do not unilaterally eliminated, did not get one." A broker who told the Beijing News reporter, in order to reduce the impact of brokerage business decline, the company?相关的主题文章: