Alibaba in the mobile Tencent to enter the market value of HK $2 trillion 660003

To catch up with the mobile Tencent Alibaba market value of HK $2 trillion in China source: Source: visual interface Author: Lin Teng from the beginning of September 5th, Tencent Holdings (00700.HK) rose 5, or 4.16%, the share price of HK $210.02, 6, or 2.28%, price of HK $215, as the interface news press, the Tencent’s share price 7, slightly reduced -0.19%, but the market is still more than HK $2 trillion (about 1 trillion and 720 billion yuan). Driven by Tencent, Hong Kong stocks rose 138 points in September 6th, to close at 23787 points, the continuous creation of a year high, Hong Kong stocks rose for the past four days, up to 810 points. It is worth noting that, after the Tencent, China’s other Internet giant Alibaba also rose in the U.S. capital markets. U.S. time on September 6th, Alibaba stock price exceeded $103, the market value of $260 billion breakthrough, after the exchange rate conversion, the figure also exceeded HK $2 trillion. Prior to the highest market value of China Mobile in Asia after the September 6th closing market capitalization of HK $1 trillion and 955 billion 409 million (about 1 trillion and 681 billion 927 million yuan). Tencent in the near future by investors keen, the two quarter of this year’s earnings have not. August 17th, Tencent’s two quarter earnings report, Tencent total revenue of $35 billion 691 million, an increase of 52% over the same period last year, net profit from the same period last year to $10 billion 730 million to $7 billion 310 million. Total revenue for the first half was 67 billion 686 million yuan, an increase of 48% over the same period last year. Among them, the outside world is believed to be slowing growth in the field of hand travel, Tencent exceeded expectations. In the second quarter of 2016, Tencent’s value-added services business grew by $25 billion 680 million to $39%. Among them, the online game revenue grew 32% to $17 billion 124 million, including virtual props, including social networking revenue growth of 57% to $8 billion 556 million. The report also pointed out that the intelligent mobile phone game "new JX" and "journey", increased nearly doubled Mobile Games related income. King glory after TGA mobile Grand Prix, QGC hand travel promotion, revenue exceeded 1 billion 300 million. JP Morgan recently published a research report, the Tencent holding the "cash cow" mobile phone game business showed a stronger than expected momentum, with video and digital reading content increased, also strengthened its position in the field of entertainment. JP Morgan chase Tencent overweight rating and its June 2017 target price set at HK $260. From the previous media reports can be found to support the sharp rise in the share price of most of the capital of the European private banks. Caixin has reported that since the beginning of the year so far, Tencent holding shares rose, rose nearly 40%. At that time, the media speculated that Hongkong, Tencent for fear of rising stock prices and the motives behind the hidden shareholders, then cited the securities and Futures Ordinance 329th to give the power of listed companies to investigate the shares of holdings. Hongkong media quoted the "letter" the results of the survey said, in June 30th, shanghai.相关的主题文章: