Apple quietly moved into Texas largest park employs more than 6000 people

Apple quietly moved into Texas largest park more than 6000 employees in apple incupertino California America’s future Headquarters [editor’s note] technology Tencent Apple Corp is quietly thousands of employees transferred to the largest park in the park, but this is not the apple in the United States headquarters incupertino California, but located in the capital of Texas the city of Austen. Last week, Apple has moved into a park in the north of Austen, Texas, which covers an area of more than 100 thousand square meters. In addition, apple in the southwest of Austen, there is a small park, covers an area of more than 20 thousand square meters. Currently, Apple’s total number of employees in the city of Austen has more than 6000 people. Apple has been in business since 1992, in Austen, and continues to expand over time. But in recent years, as apple is expanding beyond Silicon Valley, the city has become a major hub for Apple Corp. 2010, Apple’s only 100 people in the city of Austen, Apple announced that it will be a substantial expansion here, it will be built into Apple’s microchip design base. Since then, Apple engineers here have played an important role in the development of A series processors and other iPhone and iPad components. Today, apple in the city of Austen engineering business personnel has reached 500 people, they to Apple hardware technical supervisor senior vice president Johnny · siroki (Johny Srouji) report. Austen, in an interview with local media, siroki said the team continues to expand 1 times, up to 1000 people. At the same time, apple is located in the city of Austen park will also include customer service centers, human resources centers and online stores. Of course, Apple’s expansion process, which is located in the center of Austen’s hardware engineering may be the most important. In the past few years, Apple has quietly recruited a large number of personnel. But there are reports that Apple’s recruitment in Austen very cautious, these employees are difficult to participate in Apple’s most important products to go. Siroki said: "we have quietly established a team, it will be one of the most important engineering team. They will play a very critical and indispensable role, they are designed to sell all the devices we can use the chip." Siroki added that Apple was applied to hundreds of millions of Apple Devices in Austen park design chips every year. In addition, Austen is also a high-end Apple Desktop Mac Pro assembly base. So why would Apple choose Austen instead of California headquarters to place these teams? Will Apple continue to expand here in the future? Apple Corp said that Austen has a large number of skilled workers, they have Apple’s engineering and support expertise required. However, Apple’s expansion in Austen has been attracted by local preferential policies. Austen, Texas state government has agreed to provide $35 million in tax incentives for apple. So far, Apple has enjoyed $10 million 500 thousand in tax breaks. Unfortunately, Austen Park as Apple’s largest park title can only be retained for a short time. When Apple moved into Silicon Valley in 2017"!相关的主题文章: