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Media: Beijing Guoan scores can not be satisfactory to avoid relegation this word sounds harsh Guoan beat the distant foot last night, in the Super League twenty-first round game, with Beijing Guoan Yilmaz scored two of the 2 Road 0 over relegation rivals Liaoning Hongyun, ending four victorious. So far, the national security of the 32 points, in accordance with the previous season’s relegation experience, an advance echelon successfully. IL maz four Arena games into five balls in fact, before the game is not only the national 4 rounds extremely, but also did not get enough points to avoid relegation. To this end, the coach of the national security team coach Xie Feng also specifically to strengthen the offensive, the first sent to the dual striker lineup of Yilmaz and. At the beginning of the season at the introduction of Turkey foreign aid Yilmaz high hopes, but due to a succession of injuries and international competition for the national team for his Ritchie, IL Yilmaz has yet to find a state, even once the shortage of goals. In the intermittent period, Ma IL we gradually recover, nearly 3 game field goals. In this game, this is to play brave Ma il. Seventy-seventh minutes, he is right into the restricted area, draw fouls, win a penalty and break it himself. In eighty-eighth minutes, Yilmaz has proved himself, in a right-wing free kick, Augusto restricted area before the pick out, we inserted off before Ma IL goalkeeper after break open. Scored 5 goals in 4 games, we finally regained Ma il. And the match went to Zhang Chengdong, the national security coach team leader Xie Feng said: "Zhang Chengdong and Yilmaz in the game play is very good. After Zhang Chengdong injured, Shanghai Shenhua team after rehabilitation, return after play very well. He heard a lot of strikes on the right, and our attack is also more initiated from the right, especially the flank in his plays a very important role." Handsome on Xie Feng is not satisfied with the relegation after the game, Xie Feng said: "today we start to 40 minutes this time played well enough, but in the second half of the opening stage or some slack, let Liaoning team created a lot of chances, especially for James enough mark, let him almost break our goal. Anyway, very difficult game, but we win down, get a relatively favorable relegation scores, there are 3 home court game, we want to go all out, and strive to a better place." Before the game, the coach parties said, who won the match, can take the initiative to avoid relegation. And to win this game, Guoan held 32 points, ranking rose to seventh, basically has been ahead of the relegation. In this regard, Xie Feng said: "it is not insurance, I said before 33 minutes ahead of the relegation. Of course, after winning the game, we avoid relegation has been quite optimistic. The next is to try to get ahead, try to position." Although already ahead of the relegation, but compared to national security at the beginning of the season signings Huanshuai generous, this achievement really is not satisfactory. For the title, qualification for perennial AFC Champions League Guoan, the word "Echelon", it sounds a bit harsh. Nan相关的主题文章: