Beijing Metro Line No. 15 Ming winter began to shorten the peak interval

Beijing metro line 15 began in winter that will shorten the peak interval of the original title: metro line 15 began that winter will shorten the peak interval of   Legal Evening News (reporter Zhou Chao) winter transport from the Ming to March 15, 2017. Beijing Metro plans to extend the Yizhuang at the end of last time in the winter period. In addition, during the early spring return line 2 and line 9, early departure time, appropriate to shorten the line 15 peak time headway. (late WeChat No. ID:fzwb_52165216) Beijing Metro said, winter cold, snow, fog, strong winds and other inclement weather more, a greater impact on the stability and reliability of the vehicle equipment, staff executive Gang state for the potential areas of investigation, vehicle equipment security, extreme weather events, intrusion prevention, logistics and human security requirements. In addition, 1, line 2, the installation of the platform door reconstruction project is under construction, tight schedule, the task is heavy, difficult to bring some potential risks to the operation of services. In the face of the continuing capacity of traffic conflicts, the Beijing subway network operating characteristics and changes in the law of the passenger flow, targeted to take flexible traffic and passenger organization measures to deal with the impact of large passenger flow. Regular matching analysis of traffic capacity, station site reconnaissance, observation station and train full of passengers etc., combined with the service level, reasonable adjustment of train operation plan. During the winter, Yizhuang plans to extend the line at the end of last time, curing 13 line connection of S2 at the end of last spring return measures in advance during the line 2 and line 9, early departure time, appropriate to shorten the line 15 peak time headway. Beijing subway comprehensive assessment of emergency response capacity of the staff, enhance staff business skills training and training exercises for the short board, especially for fault identification, fault repair, emergency disposal, standard work, training and practical exercises, improve emergency response capabilities, reduce troubleshooting time, reduce the impact on operations. Continue to strengthen the current organization, to ensure the safe operation of the foundation, reduce the impact on passengers as the principle, according to the traffic situation in the dynamic management of limiting station and avoid the non peak time, passengers around the fence phenomenon. With the line 16 North at the end of the opening, fully expected its possible impact on the passenger line 10, line 9, according to the change of passenger organization and station management, the revised scheme of passenger organization about the station and emergency plan, update the station fare table, with the completion of AFC interoperability testing. Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: