Beijing – VIDEO – the first college decompression drama perfect journey staged a class in the

Beijing – VIDEO – the first drama "perfect" staged decompression journey a classroom psychology class first college drama "perfect decompression journey" for a class for college students psychology class [comment] in September 6th, in the major college freshmen at Peking University Centennial Hall ushered in a special stage with university students as the original music drama, object to the "psychological decompression" features: "the perfect journey". Drama director general said hundreds of billions of dollars, hoping to use the form of college students more easily accepted, the psychological problems encountered by young people in Colleges and universities to respond, to guide them as soon as possible into the new life. [interpretation] in recent years, college freshmen cheated thing is not uncommon, recently there is a college freshman to pay a heavy price, the psychological problems faced by college students are increasingly concerned by the community. Hundreds of millions of that emotional and behavioral problems are common among college students, used to grow in academic superiority in them, but don’t know their real value, it is easy to form a part of the students psychological gap, self-esteem, loss of power, various forms of psychological problems. [] over the same period: Director of hundreds of millions of freshman there are several main types of problems, from high school to the university has not adapt to many aspects, with classmates, have to get along with roommates, some can not find their own direction, because of the high school when the goal is clear, is to test a good university, the university too much choice, lost, others are in high school is very strict supervision, but to the University suddenly relax, left the parents, relatively far away from home, we have a case more serious, some students suffer from depression, there are problems between lovers. [comment] hundreds of millions and the Peking University mental health education and counseling center, explores the use of college students are more likely to accept the form, to guide the students to form a correct outlook on life, with "psychological decompression" as the theme of the musical theater became a new attempt. The Centennial Hall All seats are occupied. 2016 freshmen from Peking University, together, had an unusual course. [] over the same period: Director of hundreds of millions of this drama is adapted according to the real case, the case is provided by the Peking University mental health center of the real case, we will include music with some interesting, vivid, and the psychological problems of modern college young people encounter, will also give some the solution, with the expression of the image, so that we can more easily see yourself without interference in these emotions and thoughts. [comment] it is understood that "most of the characters and the story of the perfect journey" is adapted to provide according to Liu Haihua of director of center of Peking University Students’ psychological adaptation of new cases of integration into, is an innovation center of Peking University Students Psychological Education and try heart ". Reporter Jean Bao Beijing reports相关的主题文章: