Best logistics financing $760 million stake in the network technology Sohu –

Best logistics financing $760 million stake in the network media technology Sohu – rookie training camp in September 8th reported Wen Gao Liang Chun September 8th, BES logistics announced $760 million financing. By the country’s top financial institutions and investment in China Everbright financial fund, led by Alibaba to vote with the rookie network. As for the valuation of this round of financing, Alibaba and rookie network shares, when and where to go on the market, media training camp reporter contact the relevant person in charge, the other said it belongs to trade secrets, shall not be disclosed. In this round of investors include China development international, BOC International Infrastructure Fund (" CITP"), Fosun international, Softbank Chinese, China development international capital, international financial company (World Bank members), Huarong international, Li Yue and Shinri kim. The valuation of listed equity fog bes group since its inception in 2007, a total of 6 round of financing. It is worth noting that, according to the media, the eight sister earlier broke apart in 2008, Alibaba investment best logistics as well as in the C round, E round of financing in January 2015, a slight additional, Alibaba heavily into, investment of about $550 million, get a 20.5% stake. So far, Alibaba obtained a total stake of 27.43%, becoming the largest shareholder. But after this round of financing, the number of diluted Alibaba, the number of rookie network shares, not yet known. According to the eight sister broke the news, best logistics of this round of financing before the valuation of about $2 billion 700 million, after the capital financing of about 4-6 billion dollars, and is expected in 2017 to 2018 in the United States or Hongkong listed. But at the beginning of August has claimed that, at the beginning of 2016 in order to guide the best logistics listed and join the best logistics CFO Zhao Ying has left for unknown reasons, Zhao Ying’s sudden departure may bes Logistics Group listing process to constitute a certain influence. Where a $760 million including its BES Express, BES Express, BES supply chain, Bai Shiyun, international finance, BES bes bes, seven Department store. I said, with this round of financing, BES will increase technology investment, continue to enhance the BES Express, express and bes bes supply chain leadership and service experience in the domestic market, cultivating international business expansion, BES ecosystem financial services depth and breadth, and through the last mile community channels and service capabilities to build a modern commercial development the circulation of ecosystem. But where is the specific gravity, as of press time, the other party no reply. Analysys analyst Zhang Qingjie electricity supplier training camp in a media interview that the best financing will be used primarily for its basic network expansion. It is reported that bes has over 3 million 500 thousand square meters of warehouse and transportation center, the scope of services covering all city and county levels of township extends to the area. The courier industry reshuffle at present, tact has been approved for listing on the A shares backdoor, SF, Shen Tong and also are in planning listed on the A shares backdoor pass in the United States for the initial public offering (IPO), plans to raise $10-20..相关的主题文章: