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The fingerprint brush can also engage in charitable donations, Apple Pay will support the organization to the non-profit Sohu of science and technology the United States on November 14th morning, after Apple announced to the non-profit organization donations by Apple Pay to the. Users can pay through the channel to pay the site, you can also pay the phone application. But this feature is currently available only for Apple users in the u.s.. Previously, Apple has banned iOS applications through Apple Pay channel charity fundraising. If people want to raise money through mobile devices, you must jump out of app, from Safari or sms. Now, things become simple, donation function will be integrated directly into the app. In the mobile terminal, the user can use Touch ID to pay; and in the web page, the user can click on the Safari in the "donation" button to complete. This means that users can directly through the iPhone or Apple Watch to engage in charity. (photo: Children "s Miracle Network Hospitals) Shopify according to statistics, online shopping has support for Apple Pay payment has been up to 2 times the growth in the mobile, and the use of Apple Pay also makes the consumer will improve the efficiency of 60% at checkout. The convenience of payment to Apple Pay brings the majority of user groups. As of September, quarterly statistics show that Apple channels through the payment of nearly 500% annual growth, compared to the entire fiscal year 2015, most of the growth has occurred in September 2016. The popularity of Apple Pay makes it possible to promote philanthropy. Today, there are many non-profit organizations are implementing Apple Pay payments, such as: the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, water charity. Next, there will be more support for Apple Pay. The nonprofit Apple’s official website lists support Apple Pay which already supports Apple Pay nonprofit organization water charity said that there are currently about 25% of the donations from the mobile payment, and continuously improve the mobile payment can help people improve their donation rate. Water charity CEO Scott? Harrison (Scott Harrison) said: there are a lot of people want to donate, but complex and original crude benzol reduced their enthusiasm for donation system. Combining Apple Pay will make the donation process very simple and convenient, and we hope that this will encourage more people to join our charity activities. (photo: iDownloadBlog) besides相关的主题文章: