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Burma Vice President: "to build the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road" will benefit Chinese and ASEAN parties – Beijing, Beijing in September 11 Nanning Xinhua (reporter Feng Shumin) Burma vice president Wu Minrui 11 in Guangxi, Nanning, China proposed "to build the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road initiative will create new opportunities in the field of trade development and infrastructure construction and personnel exchanges, will also China bilateral and bring tangible benefits. Wu Minrui was invited to attend the opening day of the thirteenth China ASEAN Expo, China – ASEAN Business and Investment Summit and delivered a speech. He said that this year is the 25 anniversary of the establishment of China ASEAN dialogue relations. The Chinese – ASEAN Expo theme "in twenty-first Century to build the maritime Silk Road, to build closer China ASEAN Community of destiny" will also promote the development of the ASEAN community, strengthen the development of strategic partnership with ASEAN China. Wu Minrui believes that more closely linked to the ASEAN to promote economic growth, narrowing the gap between the development and enhance personnel exchanges play an important role. As a close neighbor of China, ASEAN and China share many common interests. "The Belt and Road" strategic focus is to expand the area of investment opportunities and develop new markets. Similarly, the construction of the maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century will promote cooperation in various areas of manufacturing, infrastructure and finance in the region. Wu Minrui said that the Chinese ASEAN Expo is to Promote ASEAN friendship symbol between China, expand economic and trade cooperation and personnel exchanges, Burma and ASEAN member countries and Chinese cooperation, promote regional integration in the 2+7 under the framework of cooperation, expand pragmatic cooperation in various fields and move toward a more close community. In November 22, 2015, "People’s Republic of China and the association of Southeast Asian nations on the revision of" Chinese ASEAN Framework Agreement on comprehensive economic cooperation "and a part of the Agreement Protocol" in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur signed, marking the China ASEAN Free Trade Area negotiations to upgrade a comprehensive end. This will help to achieve the goal of trade development between China and ASEAN, the realization of China ASEAN bilateral trade volume reached $1 trillion in 2020, the amount of investment reached 150 billion u.s.." Wu Minrui said. Wu Minrui said that in August this year, Burma minister Aung San Suu Kyi paid a friendly visit to China China, foreign minister Wang Yi in April of this year to Burma for a friendly visit, which further consolidate the traditional friendship between China and Myanmar. Burma is ready to continue to strengthen bilateral relations for the benefit of the two peoples, and further strengthen cooperation with China and ASEAN under the principle of equality and friendship. (end)相关的主题文章: