Buy or buy up or down When to buy a house will not suffer solid converter

Buy or buy up or down? What time to buy a house before you buy, what time will not suffer? Is the time to buy a house prices do not suffer, or housing prices to buy a house does not suffer? This is all buyers need, or want to know the answer. Buy a house does not exist "loss" said. First of all, for non investment buyers just need, buy a house is just a normal consumption, rather than an investment, since investment is not, then there is no disadvantage to say; secondly, to buy a house belongs to the commodities, but also a kind of product, therefore, used the house belongs to "the second-hand housing, will have the depreciation; finally, the first suite for home just need it, even if prices rise or fall, it will not increase their savings, will not reduce their wealth. In general, this should not buy a house, to put aside the price ups and downs of the psychological expectations, some people say that in recent years the government has been in control, some people in the online public opinion said that house prices fell, this is actually a misunderstanding, not a real decline in prices, but the real growth rate. Prices fall and not a short duration of time, from the current trend, prices are most likely to return to normal speed and magnitude, not fall. So, how to buy a house, can not eat "loss"? What needs attention? A, buy a house in the stable mentality to buy time, the basic motivation should be decided to buy a house, property buyers have the demand, rather than price. Therefore, whether the house up or down, buyers should be stable mentality to, not blindly into the market, but also delayed the best time to be. Two, the brand is very important property buyers must have the ability to identify the brand, the development of large brands developers more, experience is rich, the quality of products are guaranteed. Three, supporting very important property buyers must understand the development of supporting. Generally speaking, the market will be a little better, education, transportation, business will be more complete, there is the government to create a variety of supporting. Four, the property is an important property management and the product itself is equally important, and some projects in the area and real estate timber itself is not very different, but after the baptism of time, the price difference will be more and more. Because the house was built, the latter is to rely on the development of property maintenance. Worthy of the community must be inseparable from the good property, which allows a district glow long life. Five, housing demand must first from the basic level of family status, daily life, work, learning, family, social and other family leisure life Home Furnishing to determine housing demand, as a basis to study the existing housing in the geographical location, traffic conditions, housing area, apartment layout pattern, housing quality, property services, surrounding especially the main indicators of supporting school facilities can satisfy several. If the existing housing in more than 3 indicators can not meet the demand, then you need to consider the purchase of a house to meet the needs of the.相关的主题文章: