Changsheng medical industry to quantify the allocation of equity securities investment fund prospect

Long Sheng medical industry to quantify the allocation of stock type securities investment fund prospectuses (update) – the securities Sohu (on B38) Tel: (021) 58773177 Fax: (021) 58773268 contact: Zhang Lan Law: Zhou Shuzhen, Zhang Lan (four) the name of CPA audit Property Fund: Ernst & Young (special general partnership) location: Beijing Dongcheng District city east of Chang’an Avenue Oriental Plaza, No. 1 building, Ernst floor 01-12 room 17 office address: Beijing Dongcheng District City, East Chang’an Avenue Oriental Plaza, No. 1 building, Ernst 01-12 floor 17 executive partner: Mao Anning Tel: (010) 58153000 Fax: (010) 85188298 orgnaization of CPA: Tang Jun, He Yao contact person: He Yao five, fund name Said the Fund Name: Changsheng medical industry to quantify the allocation of stock type securities investment fund six, fund type fund, open-end contract seven, the fund’s investment objective of the fund is mainly invested in high-quality listed companies in the medical industry, strict risk control and maintain good liquidity under the premise, through the use of quantitative investment strategies and strive to achieve long-term stable value fund assets. Eight, the fund’s investment scope of the fund’s investment scope for financial instruments with good liquidity, including domestic listed shares issued in accordance with the law (including small plates, the gem and other China approved by the SFC listed shares), bonds (including domestic trading of treasury bonds, to issue financial bonds, corporate bonds, corporate bonds the local government, central bank bills, bonds, medium-term notes, short-term financing bonds, subordinated debt, convertible bonds), asset-backed securities, money market instruments, warrants, stock index futures as well as the laws and regulations or Chinese commission to allow fund investments in other financial instruments (but shall comply with the relevant provisions of China Commission). If the laws and regulations or regulatory bodies in the future allow the fund to invest in other varieties, the fund manager in the implementation of the appropriate procedures, you can be included in the scope of investment. The proportion of portfolio of the fund for the stock investment fund assets accounted for the proportion of 80%-95%, the investment in the medical industry of listed company’s stock and bond is not less than 80% of non cash assets of the fund; investment warrants of total fund net assets ratio of not more than 3% of the fund; each trading day at the end of the deduction of stock index futures contracts to be paid margin trading, should be not less than 5% of the net assets of the fund in cash or the maturity date within one year of government bonds, stock index futures investment ratio according to relevant national laws and regulations. Nine, the fund’s investment strategy of the fund to give full play to the fund manager’s investment research, using asset allocation methods rigorous scientific and standardized, flexible allocation of medical industry related listed company stock and bond fund assets, seek long-term stable growth. Major asset allocation in a large class of asset allocation, the fund will be mainly considered: (1) macroeconomic indicators, including GDP growth rate, industrial added value, PPI, CPI, market interest rates相关的主题文章: