China’s first Tesla Tesla fatal accident caused by the exposure of Tesla dealers accused dataload

The fatal accident exposure dealer accused in January 20, 2016 Tesla automatic driving domestic first Tesla, Hebei Handan section of Beijing high-speed rear end accident occurred, a Tesla car directly hit a working road sweeper, Tesla car damage on the spot, the driver died rather elegant. Identified by the traffic police, the driver of the Tesla elegant Ning primarily responsible driving in the collision. However, after a lapse of six months, the family is rather elegant Ning Tesla dealers to court. This is why? The "rule of law online": "autopilot" safe!? One minute before the accident the driver tachograph restore state easily by the tachograph shooting pictures can see the day of fine weather, the vehicle speed is not fast, the driver in the accident one minute ago hum a few songs. And then went into the front of the road sweeper. After the accident, the driver of the road sweeper. Due to the accident occurred in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao high-speed Traffic Police Corps detachment Cixian brigade Handan jurisdiction, the Cixian brigade police rushed to the scene to dispose of the accident. Scene: Tesla did not have any trace of the brake before the police at the scene and did not find any white car in front of the collision there is no brake marks. Combined with field investigation and tachograph video data, the police were asked to clean the car driver, eventually come to the conclusion: in the face of car accident is in front of Tesla construction road sweeping car, did not take any measures and avoid emergency braking, direct collision, collision accidents. Doubt: see the front of the car why not brake not to avoid? When the accident happened, Gao Yaning was just 23 years old, his father Gao Jubin did not understand, in the recorder I had seen in the road sweeper, but his son was not only why no brakes, no escape, but directly hit up? According to Gao Jubin introduction, elegant early in 2011 when just over eighteen years old can obtain a driver’s license, driving technology is very good. Moreover, in 2013, the identity of college students to join the army, in the army is also a large military vehicle driver, has been outstanding performance. In September 2015, before the accident, just back home. According to the scene of the accident to the police investigation, elegant car Ning in the collision occurred before, did not take any measures to avoid the emergency brake or. The recorder screen display, more than and 20 seconds before the accident, cleaning car taillights will be clearly visible, so long enough to slow down the line driver for disposal, why there were no reaction rather elegant, straight hit up? That the vehicle is in constant state of "autopilot" starting Gao Jubin thought son has repeatedly mentioned "autopilot" function. According to Gao Jubin, after the accident, he will be a video recorder to provide some professional analysis. And they came to the conclusion that this is the car should be at a constant speed.相关的主题文章: