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Circle of friends people overnight on the luxury car half truth – undercover reporter these are WeChat bills generated various transfer bills, bills performance. You are my circle of friends may have such people, they only a year, half a year or even one or two months, it has rich handsome hanging wire, white Formica contusion from dwarf poor, on Ferrari, Porsche. Chongqing evening news reporter’s circle of friends is also no lack of such people. Reporters lurking in the observation for nearly six months, opened the veil of this kind of micro business. Chongqing evening news reporter Zhu Jun reporters in fitness coach Qin Hai (a pseudonym) recommended by a friend, and I add a friend WeChat. A few days later, Qin Hai initiative to say hello to me: "Hey, you seen my circle of friends? My information useful to you?" to be polite, I went to look at his circle of friends, there are some sports knowledge, promote his club and lose weight lose weight milkshake, some members lose weight. "150 pounds were transformed into 90 pounds of hot mom." After the middle-aged aunt thin into yellow, regain their youth……" I often see these in Qin Hai Shuabing circle of friends. At some point, I have a good impression of him, and even want to buy his weight loss products. Even if I don’t shake from the packaging on seeing any sign, I still believe that this work is very hard in the fitness coach, entrepreneurial wealth at the same time really help people lose weight. People gradually join Qin Hai career, become partners selling milkshake. Then, Qin Hai began to partner from the sun, the monthly income of 10000 yuan to a monthly income of twenty thousand yuan. Qin Hai said that he did not do to lose weight before selling fitness products, a company in Guangdong, Shenzhen when the clerk. See here, I have vigilance — do not understand a weight loss, do not understand the movement of people, pull a group of Caotai group, how to convince people? The sun single can not close. Qin sun a single peer across the country, often selling about one hundred thousand yuan per month, two hundred thousand yuan, a commission of $seventy thousand or eighty thousand. He asked me if I was interested in joining his weight loss product team. I understand that I exist in the circle of friends Qin Hai, is nothing more than an object of development. Although he is still in the sun to earn one million yuan a year, to buy a luxury car, but I was calm observation of micro business is how to flicker. Day by day in the past, the performance of the Qin Hai a little disappointed me. He did not bask in his father to buy a year BMW, two years to change their own Porsche. He’s still in a carnival of brainwashing, basking in other people’s achievements. Flicker 4 tricks that day, I and the sea has a dialogue, is my head. "Are they making so much money?" I asked. After a long time he replied: want to make money through their own efforts to lose weight is a good business." Qin Hai said, at first, to exercise, to lose weight utterly ignorant of his understanding of Wang Zhou is selling slimming milkshake (a pseudonym), to become his customers. A sea king of Qin Shenkan as if it were raining flowers, a week micro business line. Soon, Qin Hai resigned back to Chongqing from Shenzhen in the north of the city, Jiangbei District, Guanyin Bridge business district office rent Mong Kok small room as an office, the southwest area of industrial development. Ideas for months.相关的主题文章: