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Cook: AR and VR have great potential, but I pay more attention to AR- Sohu technology recently, Cook in an interview with ABC News hinted that AR and VR may become the focus of Apple’s future attention, especially AR. Cook mentioned in the interview, virtual reality and augmented reality are very interesting, but compared to him, more emphasis on augmented reality. Cook briefly mentions the difference between the two to prove that he likes AR. Cook believes that VR is more focused on immersive experience, but not easy to share with others. The social attributes of AR is stronger: it allows us to see a virtual object while we are in the same room, it may be something we are talking about, or it may be a virtual image of our distant friends. AR is really great, we will continue to invest in the field, Apple’s confidence in the prospects for AR. In favor of AR at the same time, Cook also did not deny the potential of VR. Cook noted that VR has many advantages in the field of education and games, and apple has great interest in these areas. This is not the first time Cook has shown interest in VR or AR, after the layers of the layers in different occasions, repeatedly hinted that Apple will enter the field of these two. In August this year, Cook in an interview with Washington Post, said: I think AR technology is very interesting, it is definitely a core technology." In the past one or two years, Apple has acquired a number of VR and AR, frequent application of related patents. Although Apple has not disclosed its acquisition and use, but Apple’s entry into the AR VR seems to have been a well-known secret". Related reading: why Apple VR hold big move? Evidence in the apple AR key patents again, this is a big news?相关的主题文章: