Deputy Prime Minister of Latvia to encourage enterprises to seize the opportunity of China – China N

Deputy Prime Minister of Latvia: to encourage enterprises to seize the "Chinese opportunity" – the new network to pull business exchange site. Lin Bo, Ningbo, September 7 (reporter Lin Bo) on September 7th, taste Latvia Latvia economic and trade forum held in Zhejiang. Latvia’s deputy prime minister and Minister of economy Asher Laden J said that in order to further enhance bilateral economic and trade ties, he encouraged Latvia enterprises to dig deep into China’s market potential, seize the opportunity for development. In recent years, the rapid development of Latin American trade, China has become the second largest exporter of Latvia. Asher Laden J said: 2016 is the 25 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Latvia, Latvia in Beijing, China, Ningbo, the establishment of a representative office of the three places, to lay a good foundation for bilateral trade." Asher Laden J, who came to China for the first time, said that he was very fond of Chinese history and culture and delicious food. It is reported that Latvia is located in the east coast of the Baltic Sea, beautiful environment, rich in tourism resources, preferential investment policies, pull in forestry, manufacturing, transportation and logistics industry and agriculture cooperation prospect. The picture shows the exchange of Chinese enterprises. Photo by Lin Bo in recent years, with the joint efforts of Chinese and central and Eastern European countries, Chinese – Central and Eastern European countries cooperation mechanism (16+1 cooperation ") development, formed a comprehensive, wide-ranging and multi-level pattern, has entered a mature stage and early harvest period," The Belt and Road vision by blueprint into reality. With the European Economic and trade cooperation with the Middle East Chinese heating companies in central and Eastern Europe is also on the "The Belt and Road" ride into the Chinese market. Bring their own carefully designed jewelry, Anite Savicka full of expectations to china. Anite Savicka is a designer of a jewelry design company in Latvia, who came to China to seek partners in china. In Anite Savicka seems: the Chinese market is huge, even more than the U.S. market, where there will be a group of people who design, love design." Coincidentally, Latvia candy maker Sanda Auzina also take this opportunity to China gold". Our products do not add any preservatives, is a natural green health products." Auzina Sanda says. Since September 2013, the Silk Road Economic Zone was proposed, this new economic corridor has mobilized a number of Chinese enterprises in the economic and trade investment enthusiasm. All over the world have been targeting this opportunity, through economic and trade inspection, exhibition and other forms of economic and trade talks with the central and Eastern European countries and investment cooperation. Yuan Zhong is one of them. Yuan Zhonghan is in Ninghua group limited health food department deputy manager, the company plans to use the Latvia? Ningbo economic and trade forum for Latvia specialty products, "I am more optimistic about the Latvia dried fruit products, green health, can have a broad market space." According to statistics, the rapid growth of trade between Ningbo and Latvia, 1-7 months of this year, Ningbo and Latvia bilateral trade相关的主题文章: