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Do not hang baby’s mother, the clothes do not give your baby to wear to the kindergarten – Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand when the mother to the child to choose clothes look styles, colors and prices, size, texture, you know, children not free to buy clothes, some of the children is a potential "killer"! Kindergarten, mothers and tirelessly to help children dressed as "kubao adorable baby", but mothers in their fashion talent at the same time, but also concerns about the kindergarten teacher’s feelings, you may be in the eyes of the "Adorable" "handsome" and "cool" dress, it will make the kindergarten teacher "crazy". On the children’s clothing, the new national standard in June 1st, after the mother to buy clothes for children, not only to see the color value of the. After all, the children healthy can be pretty, right? On the new national standards for children’s clothing so that from June 1, 2016 onwards, China’s first specifically for infants and young children’s textile products, that is, the mandatory implementation of national standards for children’s clothing. What are the differences between the new regulations and the regulations on children’s clothing? Begin to understand: the main increase of four requirements: 1, infants and children under the age of 7 head and neck dress does not allow any rope. 2, textile accessories should have a certain tensile strength, and there should be sharp edges and edges. 3, increased the limit of the requirements of 6 kinds of plasticizers and lead and cadmium of the 2 kinds of heavy metals. 4, increase the combustion performance requirements. Mothers have noticed, in order not to let the child become a teacher in the eyes of trouble fine, these kindergarten teachers fear the children’s clothes do not give the baby wear! First, to prevent children from activity clothing representative: dress, shorts, short skirts, too loose trousers… Teacher trouble: 1, a large amount of exercise in the kindergarten, dress their children stumble, but also easy to trip buddy, but when the toilet easily wet; 2, the lack of protection of the knee shorts, when you’re running easy to scratch the skin, and summer mosquitoes, it is easy for children to wear shorts legs become the mosquito’s "food base"; skirt is in the same way, but in the kindergarten will have a slide, horse riding and other large toys, compared with a negative for the girls to wear short skirts; 3, wear too baggy pants, a child ran half of the small fart is exposed, so a crotch low, children’s activity is not convenient, easy to stumble. Recommendations: 1, children have more activities in the kindergarten, as far as possible to facilitate movement of clothing; 2, choice of collocation shirt + trousers is more suitable for the activities of the kindergarten; 3, slightly larger than the actual size of the shirt could be one size, should be in accordance with the actual size to wear trousers, pants, trousers is preferred. Two, cause the child to wear clothes represent difficult: shirt, pants, skirts, zipper behind with a zipper or button trousers… The teacher’s troubles: 1, pants, skirt zipper in the back of the picture相关的主题文章: