Double eleven to see if you give the child to buy clothes Sohu –

"Double eleven" to see if you give the child to buy clothes? Online shopping is very convenient and Sohu – maternal choice, believe that senior online shopping treasure the mother already, a veteran in battle summed up a dozen children’s clothing online shopping experience. These experience summed up, nothing more than the following: because you can not try, so online shopping children must be confirmed good size. In order to avoid the waste of money and trouble to return, the mothers before the next one will bring a tape first baby wearing the right clothes in the chest, long sleeve clothes and trousers, etc., and then determine the size of the clothes. If you use a ruler to measure the tiling data without confidence and patience, you can also use another very common practice — is to take the children to the store to try on, based on the results of the selected corresponding brand style, color and size. Generally speaking, the kids still growing, and particularly lively, mothers will choose to buy children’s clothes slightly relaxed a little, that is to say that the key is to buy large size can not be bought. We must adhere to the child to buy breathable, heat, moisture absorbent cotton fabric, and comfortable and safe. Dark fabric reflective force is small, heat absorption, light colored fabric reflective power, small heat absorption. Summer should try to choose light colored clothing, winter may wish to choose some dark clothing. Do not have diamond, rivets, sequins and other accessories. Children often put clothes on the adhesion in diamond, rivets, sequins and other accessories, pull down it. If the child put these things into his mouth, stuck in the throat, swallowed the stomach…… It will do harm to children. – don’t try to choose pants zipper, but to choose elastic waist trousers prevail. Please look at the following news – so, or can not choose the zipper section will not choose zipper section. If buy the children Hoody Hoodie, must not buy with a pull rope pulling rope. Please look at the following news — February 17, 2003 afternoon, Zhengzhou JINGWAH kindergarten, a small child playing slide, collar rope left button, closed type slide slide slide slot and stuck at the connection, caused the suffocation death; in January 2007, a 4 year old girl in Guangxi kindergarten play slide, clothes hat rope slide slot button was stuck, the rope hanging at her neck, leading to suffocation; in December 23, 2010, the District of Wenzhou a kindergarten in Binhai Park, is hooked on a slide slide screw a 4 year old boy sweater collar, caused the suffocation death; in February 25, 2011, seven in Ji’nan City mountain kindergarten, a 5 year old girl, playing the slide cap was on the slide projection hook, lead to neck The clothes reined in, because no one found in time, the girl eventually died of suffocation; – 2011 in Jiangxi Shangrao a 3 year old boy, because the end cap rope card on the slide, is wound around the neck, leading to suffocation; in November 5, 2012, Dongguan was a toddler slide pull rope strangled; – 2013!相关的主题文章: