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The exchange rate is an important driving force of private investment fell sharply the sina finance opinion leader column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Lianping appeared in the RMB exchange rate is an important promoter of the private investment fell sharply, have confidence is insufficient, now coupled with the depreciation of the RMB, all of its prospects are not optimistic about the expected, easy lead to prudent investment. So now private investment continued to fall, I think it is necessary to change a situation. Exchange rate is an important driver of private investment fell sharply today, my theme is "L growth momentum and pressure". The so-called L type of economic growth or growth, this year, the media is more concerned about the topic of academic discussion. It wants to say economic growth may not necessarily be sustained is a free falling trend, but are likely to be out of the inflection point after the formation of a stable operation or fluctuate in a certain level of growth trend, such an expression may be more convenient for us to understand the future of the economy. I wrote an article in the Economic Observer newspaper in April 18th, was a bit hesitant, I think China is likely to come out of the last two years L growth inflection point. This year, the data in the last three quarters has undergone great changes, especially in the end of the three quarter data, we see a relatively large area of data has improved, it seems to be running the so-called L type of inflection point. Since the three point of view of economic downward pressure on review of this round of economic downturn, we sort out the economic downward pressure, mainly to see from three aspects: first, the external environment is not good, the global export market is shrinking. Although the proportion of China is on the rise, but export growth is still declining, which has an impact on us, and this effect has not been significantly weakened, or continue to play its side effects. Exports to the economic growth of the pulling force or negative effect, but the negative effect is not as great as before. Second, structural factors. China’s economy has been developing for a long time, the deep-seated, structural problems, contradictions, defects are very many, and now gradually emerged. Third, the cyclical impact. For example, the greatest impact on China’s economic operation of the industry, is the real estate industry. It is a period of two or three years, the first housing prices rose, investment, and the introduction of the policy, regulation and strict, all of a sudden halt transactions. Such a run on China’s investment and consumption and other aspects, have had a very big impact, which is a very typical cyclical. With this cyclical monetary policy, fiscal policy, investment policy, real estate policy, but also with a cyclical characteristics. Structural factors temporarily unable to solve does not mean that the economy continues downward so this round down, we believe that the downward pressure on the economy there are three factors. But I think this round, the economy continued downward, many people have a lot of pressure inside, of course, the pressure on the real economy is greater. A lot of people are very anxious, do not know when the economy will be able to change, so in the discussion of the problem when there is a相关的主题文章: