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Female worker "physiological false" difficult to execute operation without trouble: why standard energy — many people.com.cn female workers do not know that many companies had not approved recently, Ningxia intends to introduce measures of labor protection of female workers, which proposed the "physiological false" led to a public hot. In fact, similar regulations have been introduced for more than 20 years, but so far many people on the physiological fake is still unknown. In an interview with reporters found that the physiological false, many women do not know, many companies have not approved, many people do not understand. Why is it so hard to enforce the rules of protecting the rights and interests of women workers? Physiological leave you heard? Physiological leave at least 23 years of history. In 1993, the Ministry of health, labor department and other departments jointly issued the "female worker health work regulations", "female workers suffering from severe dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia, medical or maternal and child health care institutions after the diagnosis, the menstrual period may be appropriate to give 1 to 2 days". However, the reality of "physical false" suffered "hot" – fewer female workers to apply for. In Taiyuan, a large state-owned enterprises, trade union workers department responsible person told the reporter that the implementation of the enterprise in the last century in 90s "physiological false", when almost everyone leave, slowly into each month can leave the female workers. But then wage reform linked to workload, female workers do not leave. Over the past few years, almost no mention of physiological leave, no one left. In Taiyuan, a network company, the reporter made a survey, the company’s customer service department has 10 female employees, of whom 1 people with severe dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, the occasional 3 people, and the remaining 6 physiological period did not have obvious discomfort. Severe dysmenorrhea Iverson said, before he and his colleagues did not listen to "physiological false", no more please the false. Some provinces made it clear that the physiological false, some provinces are not considering the introduction of physiological leave". Shanghai City, the relevant departments had previously said that considering the addition of a holiday lack of higher law basis, and will decrease the employment of female workers willingness to employers, thereby increasing women’s employment difficulty, not to consider the introduction of "false physiological". "Physical leave" should be how to set? Lawyer Ding Long believes that from the perspective of building a harmonious labor relations, enterprises should be given to employees’ physical leave, but do not have paid leave, can be included in the treatment of sick leave category, the relevant provisions of sick leave. During the sick leave without paying the full amount of labor remuneration, which is conducive to the physical and mental health of employees, and therefore will not increase the burden on enterprises, labor relations can be healthy development. The director of Shanxi Provincial People’s Congress House Judiciary Committee three office Hu Sufeng believes that the sick leave in accordance with the provisions of a certain proportion of wages is deducted, but "physiological false" is not a requirement, some areas even explicitly require paid break. This is to encourage enterprises to give maximum protection of the rights of female workers. Experts also said that the female physiological period to protect air plant problems, trade unions need to play a good "mother" role, the labor supervision departments will need to labor protection of female workers into the social credit system and to the public, urging to improve labor protection of female workers sense of responsibility by the employer, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of female workers. In the discussion)相关的主题文章: