For eleven weeks vacation eight, followme, full screen photo taking 2 leg skill package has been on

For eleven weeks vacation: eight, "FollowMe", full screen photo taking 2 leg skill package has been on the line Part 2: full screen long legs legs Pose Get v 1: one trick trick shot on tiptoe hand stretched body index: 5 stars index: 3 thin difficulty: 2 stars, the sun and the beach high up victory finger, regardless of front, side, tiptoe, bit, whole body was stretched! At sunset, the backlight on tiptoe shenchangshoubi as a silhouette appears slender, do not say, but also to shoot beautiful feeling. 2 trick two: lying straight legs stretched thin body index: 4 index: 3 difficulty: 3 lying type has become the sea will shoot straight back, foot, supine, face to look to the side, carefree and content, sunglasses, bikinis will be greatly. This is the shape of the show! 3 legs stacked body stretched thin 4 index: index: 4 difficulty: 4 legs are superposed not only explicit legs thin, overall will pull makroskelic. Holiday shoes, essential collocation, bikinis, casually sitting side side to lie is 1 meters 8, straw hat, is a good helper for large frame! 4 legs up the wall type elongated body index: 5 stars index: 4 thin difficulty: 5 stars at home, lying dead, full screen is tui~ askew, 110? I need to complain…… 5 curved legs to sit upon the type of body stretched thin index: index: 3 3 3 difficulty: of course, even at home, also want to take glasses, sitting in the chair, slowly appreciate the slow holiday time, this position is more suitable for the elderly and slender leg, if you are confident enough to measure can also try oh! Article 1 with scenery with natural light the scene itself natural light is the best choice, not exaggerated, not publicity, but also the reduction of the scene was like, of course, it must master the shooting time! 2 from the side of the small accessories to start even when the body of a small pendant, as long as the location of a good grasp, there will be unexpected harvest! 3 if you can’t shoot, it’s better to steal a romantic dinner Photography skill is so easy~ what big legs, what sense of luxury for all eight Get to follow then, vacation is needed before…… A more beautiful you. Before the holiday, beautiful classes start immediately! Sexy figure, drill up to the knees to tighten the abdomen, the left and right sides after the kick up each 30 seconds. Your squat body leaning forward, one step back with one leg straight back, around the turn of the 30 seconds. Both hands parallel straight, wide distance squat adhere to one minute. Squat down two times, stand for one minute. A holiday single product essential CLINIQUE Clinique crystal whitening essence $680 30ml Paris L’OREAL whitening moisturizing cream $190 50mlHR Helena green bottle of essence looking forward, looking forward to the United States and the United States on travel in the countdown for eight seems to smell the taste of the sea is my Beauty for eight (bagongju) zip has been successfully sent a holiday, please note that check!相关的主题文章: