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Fun "look inside" family album sales break 8 million celebration will be held in Beijing – Sohu read the morning of August 26, 2016, Rongxin educational and cultural industry development of Limited by Share Ltd (later referred to as Rongxin Education)’s children’s Book Brand fun in Chinese International Exhibition Center in Beijing, held a children’s science reading event — fun "look inside the" family sales break 8 million copies of the book launch cum celebration. Attend the conference guests Rongxin education vice president, fun interactive children’s book designer Sun Zhaozhi, nutshell reading books curator, the Botanical Society of Chinese orchid branch director in the history, Chinese Academy of Sciences PhD, director of the Beijing Botanical Garden Science Center Wang Kang teacher, Peking University, Dr. Chinese astrophysics National Observatory science vice researcher Wang Lan teacher.   "look inside" family from the UK USBORNE publishing company, with interest through the way to let the children to explore science, knowledge, secret inner secret things. Up to now, look inside the family Chinese version has been published 5 series of more than 50 copies, covering astronomy, geography, animals, art, architecture, mathematics, ancient civilization, etc.. "There are small embedded page carefully set each book look inside" in, with an attractive and interesting way to explain the children are curious about knowledge. Look inside the family full coverage of 0-12 year old children, so that readers swim in the ocean of knowledge. Since June 2009, "look inside" the first book published since the family has grown, readers have gradually expanded, "look inside" by readers, parents, teachers, reading promotion, science and science workers alike. As of mid August 2016, see inside the family cumulative sales exceeded 8 million copies. "Look inside" family won the domestic and international awards: British children’s science books top ten, Amazon UK five star books, children’s science and education sales top 10, "the British Geographical Society" silver interactive children’s science books and other honors; and Chinese original GAPP recommended to the national youth the outstanding science books, 2014 Shenzhen Reading Month "ten books", ten years of good books. At the press conference, all the guests to see inside, for example, to discuss the importance of reading for children’s growth, causing everyone to think about children’s science and resonance. Shi Jun: the core of science is to stimulate the curiosity of the child, the child will always ask a lot of questions, curious about anything. We want to teach the children to ask why, but also treasure the child asked why each. This theme is also permeated in the look inside the family book of ideas. Choose the principle of popular science books, this book is to teach children to think. Science is not just knowledge, science is not just the transfer of knowledge, at least this is not the most fundamental significance and value of science, science is the most fundamental significance of the church to teach children to think, ask questions. The replacement of knowledge by question and answer can encourage children to learn and understand more quickly. The fun of watching the series is very valuable in the learning process of inquiry and exploration.相关的主题文章: