Game player admit play lol put two strokes and no girlfriend invictus gaming

Game player admit: play LOL put two strokes and then girlfriend out recently, a German game player Marcia broke, he was playing a game on a few large, then girlfriend broke up with their requirements. What exactly is the record? Words are as follows: yesterday evening when Fuzion, with me to a street, with her to Zelas. I think, this map is nothing ah / stray eggs, not white do not. So every time she opened the big, I secretly opened a R beside her, and then she was sent to the opposite… Although the final win, I did not expect that she was very angry, because this thing with me broke up! After that, I secretly helped her on the waves, trying to make her happy, a variety of coax, but she still made a long time. Come on, that’s all. Lose the game really lost, girlfriend can continue to find. Sometimes I think, my hands are perfect, to object? Game player exposes: play "LOL" put two strokes and then girlfriend didn’t have friends that the game player is indeed a bit too, a spoof of two times better, but too many sister paper will be angry. The player said: I did 4 times. User: four times also dare to use it? Players: she is not in front of me, can not hit me. The game is the game player to entertainment, not so serious, but netizens said you lost your girlfriend. What do you think about it? (source: Tencent game editor: D) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: