Google driverless new patent police cars can be identified to avoid a ticket guitarpro5

Google driverless new patent: can identify the police car to avoid being fined documents foreign media reports, Google has recently exposed a patent related to its unmanned. According to reports, the patent allows users to know the police car is close to their own, in order to avoid the user was a ticket to the traffic police. Driving a car is not only the user can be sent to the destination, Google is not satisfied with such a simple function. One of the most recently Google’s new patent exposure through this patent can show that self driving cars can also help users not to be traffic ticketed, or simply speaking, it also needs to be able to identify at least the police car is near. The patent was developed by the PatentYogi team, which also suggests that Google is considering developing a police car detection system for its own cars. Automatic driving cars need to be smart enough, it can be without any human intervention in the case of the user can be sent to the outside of the B by A, you can cleverly avoid the police car. Of course, the current Google automatic driving car in compliance with traffic rules have done a good job, in general, will not be the police’s attention". In February this year, Google’s driverless car that was exposed for the first time a traffic accident, it is to obey the traffic rules model. But in fact there are a lot of autopilot to follow the traffic rules, such as when the police approached, automatic driving car should be parked on the roadside; when the vehicle is performing an urgent task vehicle driveway automatic driving vehicle should know how to give way to the other side. And Google’s exposure with automatic driving car related patent documents described, this is a detection system, it can automatically detect the proximity of the vehicle according to the flashing lights. With such systems, Google’s driverless car can identify the police issued blue and red lights, and timely respond accordingly, if it is found that when the police car near, parked on the roadside would choose or choose to avoid.相关的主题文章: