Gu Yongqiang stepped down as chairman and CEO of Chinese entertainment industry Youku potatoes is re windjview

Gu Yongqiang stepped down as chairman and CEO of Youku potatoes is responsible for raising the entertainment industry fund writer Gu Yongqiang Sina Francisco October 31st afternoon news, Alibaba CEO group Zhang Yong released today announced the CEO mail, Youku potatoes Youku potatoes Gu Yongqiang no longer serve as chairman and CEO positions. In addition, the Alibaba group announced that in order to promote the cultural entertainment strategy, the formal establishment of Alibaba culture entertainment group, at the same time to raise the scale of ten billion yuan of large entertainment industry fund, Yu Yongfu served as chairman and CEO Alibaba cultural entertainment group, in charge of cultural entertainment section of each company related business, reporting to the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong. Yang Weidong, President and CEO of CEO music Youku, President of UC to report to the president of Yu Yongfu. Alibaba group announced Alibaba Entertainment Group’s business, including: Youku potatoes, UC, Ali Ali Ali pictures, music, sports, games, literature, Ali Ali Ali digital entertainment division. Gu Yongqiang served as President Ali al entertainment strategy and Investment Committee, responsible for raising the cultural entertainment industry fund, to help Zhang Yong develop cultural entertainment industry long-term development and strategic investment layout. Gu Yongqiang no longer served as Youku potatoes chairman and CEO. In fact, in September of this year, there are rumors that Koo outgoing, one group at the time of sina said Koo rumor is false news office. In September 10th, the opening ceremony of the 2016 in conjunction with the general assembly, Gu Yongqiang responded to the latest rumors that he is still in a group. But he also said "I am a horse, a horse for a long time to take a break," I should be able to take a day off ". Today, rumors come true. Victor Koo 1989 from the University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley) undergraduate graduation, and into the management consulting firm (Bain) Company engaged in management consulting. 1994 Standford (Stanford) MBA degree. Returning to Beijing from Silicon Valley in 1994, he served as vice president of rich group, engaged in media, entertainment and industrial venture capital projects. March 1999 joined Sohu, has served as chief financial officer and senior vice president of Sohu, chief operating officer, President and chief operating officer. November 2005, the establishment of a unified network. In June 21, 2006, one network announced began open beta, Koo served as chief operating officer CEO. December 8, 2010, Youku listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the total financing of $233 million. In March 12, 2012, Youku and Tudou announced the merger with the 100% convertible way, a new company called Youku potatoes Limited by Share Ltd, Victor Koo served as chairman and ceo. October 16, 2015, Alibaba group announced that it has issued an offer to Youku potatoes board, the full acquisition of Youku potatoes group. May 10, 2016, together with the group (the original Youku potatoes) in April this year, after the completion of privatization, chairman and CEO Gu Yongqiang issued an internal letter, said in order to further strengthen the integration of resources, optimize the effectiveness of the division of labor相关的主题文章: