Guangdong publicity of the fourth installment of the sale of electricity companies directory of regi vstart

Guangdong fourth batch of publicity selling electricity company directory 8 registered capital is Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my each reporter Ouyang Kai recently, Guangdong commission by letter on the official website publicity of the fourth batch to be included in the sale of electricity company directory list of enterprises, the total up to 37. If all of the publicity through the final, plus the three batch of the previous 114, the company will enter the Guangdong electricity sales directory will reach 151. This also means that so many electricity trading companies to enter the market, the future competition will be more intense. The "daily economic news" reporter noted that the distance of the third batch of catalog list published separated by only a week, and only 9 days of publicity, compared to the previous month’s publicity period has been reduced, which shows the power to change the pace of Guangdong. In addition, in accordance with the provisions of the enterprise into the public notice period required to achieve the appropriate conditions, and submit the relevant verification report or financial statements, in order to prove the authenticity of the total assets, paid funds etc.. Reporters through the public search and statistics found that the publicity of the 37 companies, there are no registered capital of the 8 conditions. 8 retail companies did not reach the requirements of the "daily economic news" reporter found that the sale of electricity companies to be included in the directory of enterprises, involving KSTAR (002518, SZ), guidongdianli (600310, SH) and other listed companies. According to regulations, enter the publicity period of the enterprise needs to achieve the appropriate conditions. One of the conditions for access to the total assets of RMB 20 million yuan and above, while Guangdong is on this basis to further raise the threshold. Prior to July 7th, Guangdong electric power market trading center held in Guangdong registered publicizing, the sale of electricity requirements in more than 50 million yuan of registered capital of the company. After the comparison, there are 3 batches before the sale of electricity company directory in the central enterprises, state-owned background of the enterprise, while the fourth batch list are mostly private enterprises, registered capital and from the point of view, a lot of small amount of the registered capital of enterprises. The "daily economic news" reporter through public information retrieval and statistics found that 37 companies entering the publicity, there is less than 50 million yuan of registered capital of 8, respectively, Guangzhou tejet Construction Co. Ltd., Huimeng Power Technology Co. Ltd., Guangdong Tak Kam Energy Technology Co Ltd, Guangzhou Zhen exhibition of energy science and technology limited company, Shenzhen city is the constant electricity sales Co. Ltd. and Guangdong Guangneng Electrical Engineering Co. Ltd, Guangdong Jin power sales Service Co. Ltd. and Guangdong Minghuang Electric Power Engineering Co. Ltd, the minimum registered capital of only 12 million yuan. An electricity sales company responsible person told reporters that the 8 sale of electricity companies will need to increase the registered capital of 50 million yuan in the publicity period, and provide the corresponding proof of assets, or it will be like the third batch of catalog in 3 companies with the same "embarrassed exit" — the final publicity after failing to have a trial. University City, OCT and other large users join it is worth noting that the publicity list, also appeared in large power users set up the sale of electricity companies, are Guangzhou University city Energy Developments Ltd and the overseas Chinese town Shenzhen electricity limited company, the former on the note相关的主题文章: