Haier intends to hold 47 million popular online htc802w

Haier intends to holdings of 47 million popular online source: Beijing daily Beijing daily news (reporter Chen Wei) November 13th evening news, Siu Chi shares announcement that Haier invested 47 million yuan in accordance with the Siu Chi shares acquisition of popular online when the assessment price of funshion capital. August 2015, Siu Chi shares to 967 million yuan acquisition of popular online shares of 63%, the popular online video sites from the transition into the Internet TV products, and the introduction of popular tv. Announcements, Siu Chi shares intends to Qingdao Haier, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qingdao Haier Technology Investment Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Haier") signed "on the popular Beijing Online Technology Co. Ltd. strategic cooperation framework agreement". Haier technology intends to invest 47 million yuan capital increase, the price of shares in accordance with the valuation of the acquisition of popular online. The two sides said they will focus on popular online and its main business to carry out strategic cooperation, the integration of their respective strengths to further carry out a comprehensive in-depth cooperation in depth, in order to explore new business models. At the same time, Qingdao Haier will be released with the shares of the shares last year, the "conditional effect of the share subscription agreement" and "the conditions for the implementation of the share subscription supplementary agreement". According to the previous agreement, Siu Chi shares 12.36 yuan to the stock price of the non-public offering of 297004662 shares of A shares, Qingdao Haier to 370 million yuan in cash to subscribe for Siu Chi shares of non-public offering of 30 million shares, after the implementation of Siu Chi shares 2015 annual shareholders’ meeting by the "2015 annual profit distribution plan" after the ex dividend adjustment the issue price of 12.28 yuan shares, adjusted the number of shares issued object subscription.相关的主题文章: