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Half – Il maz two ball Augusto 3-0 – Yanbian Jiangong Guoan temporarily Sohu sports Beijing time on September 21st at 19:35, the Super League eighteenth round of a game between the Beijing Guoan home court against Yanbian flight, after the match was delayed because of the heavy rain weather. In the first half by virtue of foreign aid Yilmaz opened two degrees, the national security 3-0 temporarily leading. The national security at the weekend in the home court by Yongchang 0-0 draw, home court record downturn. The home court game against Yanbian, for national security is revenge, Guoan this season first defeat is the gift of thanks to Yanbian, this time back to the home court battle, the guards is looking for revenge. In the centre of the twenty-fifth round, Yanbian flight home court team to a 3-2 win over Hebei Huaxia happiness team ended 2 game losing streak, after the campaign, Yanbian flight team to reach 32 points, combined with the previous season’s relegation situation, prospects. Yanbian Guoan and only in the third round of the season against time, then 0-1 away to Yanbian to the first win after the super. Fifth minutes, the national security team offensive, Yu Dabao restricted area to take advantage of the edge of the ball was blocked out, the ball to the outside of the restricted area of the ball to hit the high Augusto. Tenth minutes, Beijing Guoan to break the deadlock, Zhang Xiaobin sent the ball from the right road area, Yilmaz header at the top of the column, the ball bounced down a rebound in Chi Wen leg network, national security team leading 1-0. Twenty-first minutes, Yu Dabao in the restricted area of Zhengding, but Yilmaz was beside Li Haojie down, the referee gave Beijing Guoan a penalty, Yilmaz kick up tuishe, Chi Wen a side to throw the ball out, IL maz keep volley scored, leading the national security 2-0. Twenty-third minutes, the Yanbian team changed Hetaijun debut for Li Xun. Twenty-sixth minutes, Hetaijun ball pick siege. Twenty-eighth minutes later, Yu Dabao faced the defensive players suddenly shot out of the beam. Thirty-first minutes, Mainz Crimee foul, Zhong Guo pool direct free kick hit the door, the box on the left Yang Zhice ball out. Thirty-third minutes, Hetaijun area after stopping fell in the penalty area, the referee did not say. Thirty-fifth minutes, Guoan sent after the ball left, Augusto jumping after the header of a rebound, the judgment does not have a pool of good judgment, the ball in the net! National security 3-0 leading. First half of the national security 3-0 temporarily lead. Beijing Guoan start: 22- Yang Zhi; 3- Li Lei, 30- Lei Tenglong, 2- Crimee Mainz, 31- Zhao Hejing; 6- Zhang Xiaobin, 5- Ralph, 28- Zhang Chengdong, 21- Augusto and 19- Yu Dabao; 17- IL maz bench: 25- Hou Sen, 4- Zhou Ting, 7- Zhang Chiming, 10- Zhang Xizhe, 13- Xu Yunlong, 15- Sergeyev, 16- Du Mingyang 22-: first Yanbian Fu Tak Chi Wen; Wu Yongchun 16-, 24- Li Haojie, 20- 17-, Cui Min Pu 23- Pei Yuwen, 8- luxury world; Chi Zhongguo 6-, Li Xun 13-, Jin Bo 9-, 10- Jin Cheng; Steve bench: 1- 11- Cui Ren, 12- Jiang Hongquan, Yin light, 18- Hetaijun, 19- Li Hao, 2)相关的主题文章: