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Hengda GalAT won the perfect ending scorer after 00 will greet the first show – Sports Sohu 4-0 Luneng GalAT broke Hengda information times (reporter Baiyun celebrate) the 2016 Super League season ending last night, has already won the League Guangzhou Hengda home court, 4: 0 victory over the Shandong Luneng won the Super Cup "vulcan". Team Brazil foreign aid to LVL 19 goal of the season won the top scorer. Gaolateben field scored two of Alan and Liao Lisheng young have scored. Shandong Luneng team after the relegation round to determine, with a certain degree of relaxation, so the home team played more relaxed. He said before the game to a wonderful game, in fact the Luneng really played more open, both sides to return to the mentality of the fans of ending the war, two teams accounted for 33 foot hit the door. From the rate of the ball, the number of passes and the passing rate of view, both sides have been the final 4: 0 well-matched in strength, but the score, or to show a huge advantage in the Hengda opportunity. The most bright spot is that eighty-fifth minutes of the game, Hengda foot school academy produced a okay for Zheng Zhi and the captain’s armband. This scene is a succession of meaning, only 16 years old Zhang Aokai became super first "after" the players, and became the youngest captain on the field. Before him, only Huang Bowen to 16 years and no more than 317 days to create the Chinese Football League appearances and goals of the minimum age record. The school attaches great importance to youth work in the middle of the season to Scolari Xu Jiayin had recommended Zhang okay, Xu Jiayin requirements to increase the training of young players from the club level, the club will be the annual Academy at the age of 16 from the selection of one or two outstanding players to a team. "This year, Zhang Aokai is a good example, he was 16 years old, we will direct him from Spain, Hengda Hengda foot school selection to a team, but also he enrolled in the super league."相关的主题文章: