Hungry all across the shelves of dog meat and other food products because of lack of quarantine-foldercure

The hungry dog food shelf across the board said that because of lack of quarantine hungry shelf dog food online ordering platform hungry, said in a statement released today, all the shelves of dog food, after investigation, cat snake, clams and other security risks of food. What do you think, due to lack of quarantine, dog meat and other food products to ensure food safety. In addition, for animal protection demands, the platform will be off the shelf, Xiong Dan, shark’s fin bear paws food. The hungry dog said in a statement, whether it should be eating is a topic of concern recently, dog lovers found there hungry dog food on it, specially to do remind dispatch platform. For how to deal with the problem of dog meat, hungry by the company’s internal discussion decided that the whole platform off all dog meat products. After 3 days of investigation, the platform has been operating on the basis of the first to eat dog meat products businesses, the 7733 kinds of meat products involved in the treatment of dog meat under the shelf to do the treatment of. Hungry, said, prompting the company to make a final decision, is based on food safety considerations. The country has not yet introduced the dog slaughter and quarantine system, the majority of the market circulation of dog meat is unknown origin. Dog in the absence of quarantine, is likely to carry parasites, rabies and other deadly harmful substances, there is a greater risk of food safety." The statement said, in the dog problem, fully understand the demands of the parties, but also respect each person’s choice, but to the platform with limited power, we can not in the absence of dog quarantine, identification of food safety to every dog, every dog business meal, but all offline". The statement also said, based on the same logic, there will be the investigation on the platform or there might be a cat, snake, snake, clams and other security risks of food. In addition, for animal protection demands and social consensus, hungry, Xiong Dan, also the investigation of shark’s fin bear paws food and be offline, the national wild animal protection law clearly prohibit the sale, has not been allowed to sell. This afternoon, the reporter in the hungry APP selected "Yulin" search keywords positioning, yet found the dog food.相关的主题文章: