Hurun released Wang Jianlin again fell out of the top ten richest man Lei – home appliance, people.c 3u8547

Hurun released: Wang Jianlin again fell out of the top ten richest man Lei – home appliance, Beijing in October 13, yesterday, Hurun Research Institute released the "2016 garden city forest Hurun"?. Wang Jianlin and his family became the richest man in China for the third time. 46 year old Yao Zhenhua is this year’s big dark horse, wealth turned over the top 9 times ranked fourth. The Lei is ranked fifth from last year dropped to fourteenth of the list. This year, there are 4 new entrepreneurs in the top ten, respectively is the treasure to Yao Zhenhua, Ding Lei NetEase, Hengda Xu Jiayin, beauty, He Jianfeng and his son He Xiangjian. Involved in the real estate industry, the number of billionaires reached 6, more than last year, the number of places; involved in the IT has 4, and last year the same. The top ten list threshold increased by 20% over last year, reaching $78 billion. The Hurun global rich list of the top 100 this year, the threshold is 72 billion, the top ten of these people should be on the Hurun global rich list top 100. The first ten average age of 54 years old, one year older than last year. Last year the top ten universal millet Lei Jun and Lu Guanqiu this year fell out of the top ten. This is the Hu Run institute since 1999 for eighteenth consecutive years, released "Hu Run rich list", the income threshold for four consecutive years to maintain 2 billion yuan. Listed companies listed on the wealth of the deadline for the calculation of this year’s August 15th, consistent with last year. (commissioning editor Bi Lei and Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: