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In my eyes, the No.6 Hospital of Peking University medical science successfully held second field workers health science training – Sohu Health Science Lecture skills, pay attention to science personnel training in September 20th at noon, six in North Yingkui hall successfully held the theme of "my eye medicine science — science knowledge presentation skills training" of workers health Science training. This is the No.6 Hospital of Peking University in 2016 the health of workers in the field of science and technology training second. Vice President Yao Guizhong presided over the training here we first introduce the training science of people: Associate Professor Wang Kai; Peking University People’s Hospital of doctor of vice director of Beijing satellite TV; "I am a big doctor" program host; "China" Journal of strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology of Ophthalmology; "grand rounds" Journal of medicine to promote visual health branch; youth committee vice chairman; behavioral medicine branch of Science Committee of Chinese medical association. Liu Weiping, MD, deputy director of the tumor hospital of Peking University; excellent teacher of Peking University Health Science Center; Beijing Health Science expert. Zhang Saina Beijing Anding Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University of nurse; "health Chinese" won the first prize of Beijing health science contest winner; the title of "Beijing health science experts"; "in the hearts of the people in Beijing city party propaganda group health system group of outstanding preachers, host of the Beijing Union Medical College School of nursing; excellent clinical teachers. First of all, associate professor Wang Kai to "homework without glasses" as an example, the popular science presentation; associate chief physician Liu Weiping to "healthy life, away from the cancer" as an example to explain the cancer related knowledge and show his humorous speech style; finally, a Sino nurse "people forget about mister, do not seriously" presentation, introduction of dementia science knowledge. In the popular speech after the show ended, three teachers and the experience we bring a carefully prepared medical science speech and speech skills to share scientific content for the public, including in the design, easy to understand, in the form of new topics to attract attention, in his speech, the typhoon to liberal and dignified lively and interesting. The interaction between the audience and the three speakers was discussed. The influence of celebrity effect on the workload and the promotion of science and technology were discussed. The North Hospital Dean Lu Lin do summary of activities, he stressed that the event in the form of lively, very necessary, we must always adhere to the science training, this work, hope that the hospital young medical workers to participate in such activities, the science speaking skills to work, hoping to emerge more science talent. The event was a complete success, and we look forward to the next science learning activities!   相关的主题文章: