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ICBC Beijing branch: 2016-2-3 international financial market, on a daily news 1, Kansas Fed President George said, given the strong economic fundamentals, the Fed should continue to rise, and weaken the turmoil in financial markets. George said that if the waiting data fully confirm economic outlook, the Fed ‘wait’ too long to make policy decisions at risk, and that is to pay close attention to the energy industry jobs impact on the overall economy. 2, the European central bank executive committee Xu Moore told the Wall Street Journal said that if the European Central Bank decided to act will not face any restrictions, and warned that low oil prices may be difficult to change the situation. Xu Moore said that the European Central Bank in the case of using policy tools for the scope or quantity is not restricted, and that will continue to maintain a loose monetary policy. 3, the Swiss central bank president Jordan said that the Swiss franc against the euro exchange rate is still significantly overvalued " " if necessary, the central bank to intervene lift to drag the Swiss franc. Jordan reiterated the expected economic growth rate of 1.5% in 2015, and said that the Swiss central bank will study the best measures to implement negative interest rates in japan. A source 4, British Prime Minister Cameron’s office said on Tuesday, EU officials and the UK has a mechanism to reach an agreement, can prevent the British do not like to see the EU legislation; the protocol satisfies the Cameron four main objectives of the reform of. The draft agreement still needs to be approved by other EU leaders at a summit later this month. 5, the Australian Central Bank (RBA) to maintain interest rates unchanged, even if the global market turmoil, the Chinese economic unease and deepen and the emergence of a wave of overseas policy easing, suggesting that the future may cut interest rates. However, after this year’s first policy meeting, the Australian central bank does retain the possibility of taking action, said in the context of low inflation, if the economy needs support, will have room to cut rates. 6, the German Labor Department announced that the 1 seasonally adjusted unemployment population decreased by 20 thousand to 2 million 732 thousand, better than the forecast in a Reuters poll by 7 thousand people; seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is dropped from 6.3% in December to 6.2%. In January, the seasonally adjusted total unemployed population increased to 2 million 920 thousand, and in December it was 2 million 681 thousand. Two, the market of international foreign exchange market currency for     the   disc; high   low   set the day before closing up   1.0888 1.094 1.0886 1.0919 1.0888 euro fell 0.28% yen 120.99 121.04 119.84 119.97 120.99 1.4446 1.4327 1.441 1.4433 -0.84% 1.4433 -0.16% 1.0198 1.0224 1.017 1.0186 1.0198 Swiss francs -0.12% aud on the 0.7 工行北京市分行:2016-2-3国际金融市场日报   一、上日要闻   1、美国堪萨斯联储总裁乔治称,鉴于美国经济基本面强劲,美联储应继续升息,并淡化金融市场动荡的影响。乔治称如果等待的数据充分证实经济前景良好,那么美联储等待’过长时间’才做出政策决定有风险,并表示正密切关注能源行业就业岗位流失对整体经济的影响。   2、欧洲央行执委莫尔许向华尔街日报称,欧洲央行若决定行动则不会面临任何限制,并警告低油价的局面可能很难改变。莫尔许称,欧洲央行在认为适合的情况下动用政策工具的广度或数量上没有限制,并表示将继续保持宽松货币政策。   3、瑞士央行总裁乔丹称,瑞郎兑欧元汇率仍"明显被高估",若有必要瑞士央行准备入市干预阻升瑞郎。乔丹重申2015年预期经济增速为1.5%,并表示瑞士央行将研究对日本实施负利率的最佳应对举措。   4、英国首相卡梅伦办公室的一名消息人士周二称,英国已经与欧盟官员就一个机制达成协议,可阻止英国不乐见的欧盟立法;该协议满足卡梅伦四个主要的改革目标之一。协议草案仍需在本月稍晚举行的峰会上获得欧盟其他领导人同意。   5、澳洲央行(RBA)维持利率不变,即便全球市场剧烈震荡、对中国经济的不安情绪加深以及海外又出现一波政策宽松,暗示未来有降息的可能。不过,在今年的首次政策会议之后,澳洲央行的确保留采取行动的可能性,称在通胀偏低的背景下,如果需要支撑经济,将有降息的空间。   6、德国劳工部公布,1月经季节调整的失业人口减少2万人至273.2万人,优于路透调查预估的减少0.7万人;经季节调整的失业率则是从12月的6.3%降至6.2%。1月未经季节调整的总失业人口增至292.0万人,12月为268.1万人。   二、市场行情   国际外汇市场行情 币  种 开  盘 最  高 最  低 收  盘 前日收盘 涨  跌 欧元 1.0888 1.094 1.0886 1.0919 1.0888 0.28% 日元 120.99 121.04 119.84 119.97 120.99 -0.84% 英镑 1.4433 1.4446 1.4327 1.441 1.4433 -0.16% 瑞士法郎 1.0198 1.0224 1.017 1.0186 1.0198 -0.12% 澳元 0.7114 0.7129 0.7034 0.7039 0.7114 -1.05% 加元 1.3948 1.4082 1.394 1.4055 1.3948 0.77% 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: