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In order to avoid Trump hand, forcing the "silent" investment triggered outrage – Sohu automobile industry known as the "World Red Net" Donald Trump person, the most notable feature is the "background of the American free port without obscuration to the limit". As a future president candidate, Trump during the campaign "spray" word, and covered a wide range, even under the hand of the automotive industry — most notably a few months ago, a "1 billion 600 million hand tear and Ford". It is understood that the cause of the incident was announced earlier this year, Ford, the company will invest $1 billion 600 million in Mexico, from 2018 to start the production of small cars. The news means that in addition to Ford has produced in Mexico, a small car, the most popular Ford Focus production line will be relocated. Therefore, Trump repeatedly criticized Ford’s investment plan, reiterated that the company should give up factory in Mexico expansion, and threatened the Mexico production of imported cars in America will be levied tariffs of up to 35%. The results did not expect Ford said in a few months, the company plans to the next two to three years to terminate the production of small cars in the United States, car production lines will be relocated to the lower cost of production in Mexico. The media dubbed the Trump pave the way for the election strategy of hand made tear, accidentally torn the skin, if angered the entire U.S. auto industry, Trump is up to. Interestingly, the U.S. media forecast is right, the automotive industry in the United States did some anger, and, as the "general U.S. Department of big three, after Ford was sprayed, still silently to invest and build factories in Mexico. Low profile according to foreign media reports, GM is currently promoting the $800 million investment plan, the investment is mainly for the global car production line, including processing factory located in the state of San Luis Potosi. Relevant sources, the plant and other production bases in Mexico plans to invest in the production of new Chevrolet Equinox sports car next year. Informed sources also revealed that in general only said the new Equinox will only be produced in a factory located in Canada and the other two two factories, and the two place is Mexico, general silence, and hope to avoid the attention of Trump. It is understood that the 800 million investment plan is actually announced earlier in 2014 5 billion investment plan — part of the general was called the plan from the announcement in 2018, to $5 billion investment in Mexico, which is located in the country’s production capacity doubled, and can create 5600 jobs. U.S. media commented, the general’s low-key action or successfully avoided the attention of Trump, but also prompted the production base in Detroit and the Canadian Federation reached an agreement. If the Trump won the election and continue to oppose the North American Free Trade Agreement, it also gives the general method of some companies in the United States some hint." Extreme perspective, in fact, the United States for the automotive industry in Mexico, the investment environment is better than the domestic is beyond doubt.相关的主题文章: