In response to Taiwan Interpol is unfair to the Taiwan people’s Congress rejected footman

In response to Taiwan Interpol conference rejected: the people of Taiwan unfair original title: Interpol to Taiwan cross-strait policy criticized the Cai Yingwen administration meeting [Global Times special correspondent Chen Mingyu in Taipei after the International Civil Aviation Organization in Taiwan to attend the meeting declined after the International Criminal Police Organization also said that this year is not invited to Taiwan to attend the eighty-fifth session of the general assembly. For in the international community after another setback, the Taiwan media directed at the Cai Yingwen administration’s cross-strait policy. This month 7 days in Indonesia, Bali Island at the Interpol general assembly, Taiwan was originally anticipated as observers to participate in, but Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry confirmed 5, the letter has received the French president and German Interpol secretary general director of the Taiwan reply "interior ministry police criminal police Liu Bailiang. French president in the letter stated, not a positive response to Taiwan as observers at the INTERPOL Conference for that will not be invited to Taiwan to attend this year’s conference. Taiwan’s presidential spokesman said in response to a heavy yellow, "this is for all the people of Taiwan very unfair treatment, significant loss" is the international security system; for Chinese, repeatedly obstruct Taiwan’s international participation, "we express our most solemn protest". The Commission said that the mainland should not obstruct Taiwan’s participation in international activities, in the name of political factors, the harm to the well-being of the people of Taiwan". Taiwan’s foreign ministry said the INTERPOL should consider events vian demand, Taiwan agreed to share the "I – 247 global police communications system" and "the stolen and lost travel documents and other information database, in order to ensure the safety of personnel and the event smoothly. Foreign minister Li Dawei also claimed to be "very disappointed" that the mainland is a "significant factor"". When asked about the possibility that INTERPOL will be held in Beijing next year, the situation in Taiwan may be even more unfavorable, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the future will continue to cooperate with the United States and other similar countries, continue to promote participation. It is reported that the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change, also held in 7, Taiwan relevant personnel have started, saying, Taiwan will not be absent". 6, Japan’s "Daily News" published in Taiwan on behalf of Xie Changting in the "environmental issues, Taiwan hope to contribute to the international" in the title of the article. The article said that the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change twenty-second Party Congress held in Morocco in November 7th, Taiwan hope the participants, but not members of the United Nations, the parties did not lead to formal attendance, will only participate in related meetings, Taiwan is very difficult in the field of international environmental cooperation. Interpol’s predecessor was founded in 1923, the International Criminal Police Commission ", in 1956 the name changed to the present, is an international organization of large scale second, has 190 members, the main task is related to terrorism, drug trafficking, arms smuggling, and other serious crimes of cross-border exchange of information. "China Times" 6, said the International Criminal Police Organization in 1984 to join the mainland to join, according to a Chinese policy, requiring Taiwan renamed China Taiwan, Taiwan side expressed its refusal to withdraw from the year since INTERPOL. "United Daily News" said, 3相关的主题文章: